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An American Woman's viewpoint on Happier Abroad

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Blue Murder
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Post by Blue Murder » May 18th, 2012, 8:54 am

PeterAndrewNolan wrote:
Blue Murder wrote: An important question that nobody has asked yet: Why are you here? I mean, what possessed you to make an account, click the 'New Topic' button, type some letters about how different you are, then press 'Post'? It just doesn't make sense. Plus, you would've had to know that you'd get some pretty sharp (and not in a good way) responses just for being here and saying what you did. I'm someone who believes in trying to cause as little confrontation as possible, so that explains my stance on it. And sure, someone the responses were a bit extreme, but they're also spot-on. Of course, they wouldn't have to be this extreme in the first place if you hadn't made an account only to 'brag'. Just saying.
Hi Blue,
I am here presenting the message that there is a new way for young men to live their life in the future if they choose to do so. That new way is a novel concept called freedom. Not many men who speak english have ever experienced it.

You see. Unlike most men I care about other people. I used to care a lot more about western women but I do not care about them any more. But eastern women I care about. All through my life I have cared about other people. I have looked out for those less able to look out for themselves as my father taught me to do as a lad.

When I see injustice I denounce it. Where I see criminals I denounce them. Where I see hatred I denounce it. I always have. I always will.

Because of this attitude I was a very well respected man both in my personal life and in my professional life.

I have been given million dollar deals based on my handshake that I WILL get the job done...and the paperwork gets sorted out later.

I have had grown men cry on my shoulder and thank me for caring about them enough to talk to them and give them the benefit of my experience and knowledge.

To bring the book into existence it would take someone of THAT sort of impeccable character, who has show love and care and concern and support of his fellow men and women ALL HIS LIFE to be attacked, destroyed, hated on and despised.

The book had to come from someone whos character was beyond question.

People had to see that the best of the best men are still viciously and ruthlessly attacked. That there can be no "good enough". That is who had to write the book, Living Free. It was my destiny that took a lifetime of impeccable character to prepare for.

I have known of Winston for some time. However I was under the impression that the TENS OF THOUSANDS of men in the MRA/MRM area wanted a remedy, a path to freedom, wanted justice, wanted lawful equality.

I was mistaken. They are gutless cowards who want their slavery and want to complain about it.

John Rambo came over here and had been a member for some time. He noted a few men here had a few brain cells to rub together, unlike on places like the spearhead. So John asked me to come over. I told him no. I did not have time. So he asked men here for questions for the book and ideas. He told me there were a few smart young men here who were talking sense.

After I finished the book I decided to come and read some of Winstons work in more detail. I was impressed with what I read. I read through some of the posts and was impressed with what I read. I figured I might find 4 or 5 young men who actually had a pair of balls between their legs rather than keeping them in wifeys purse like most men do.

That is why I am here. I am here to see if there are 4 or 5 young men ready and willing to walk the path to living in freedom. I do not expect to find 6 such men in only 1,400 members. I would be surprised to find 4. That would be a good result for 1,400 members of a web site. The usual rate is 1 or 2 out of 1,000 listed members.

THAT is how rare men with balls are in the west nowadays.

As far as "bragging"?!?!

The truth is not bragging. I have mates who are better men than me. And when they tell me what they have done I show respect and acknowledge them for what they have done. I do not accuse them of "bragging". Norman Scarth. If there is a greater man in the UK I do not know who he is. Would I NEVER have the temerity to say Norman is "bragging" about what he is doing. A WW II war hero locked up at 75 years of age for denouncing the british guvment?

Give men 10 men the quality of Norman Scarth aged 20-25 and I could free the UK from the grip of its guvment. 10.

But I can't find ONE....and there is only ONE Norman Scarth. Alas, he is 85 years of age.

You men should measure yourself against Norman Scarth and see how short you come up, eh? ... fault.aspx
Whoa. Peter, first of all . . . I was talking about Illinois Woman. NOT you. Did you not read my first post? I said that I agreed with you! Come on, mate. Pay attention. It's HER that post was directed to. Because she's going on about how 'different' she is, yet she clearly isn't. I mean, if you have a rock-steady conviction that nobody can tell you otherwise about, you aren't going to give two flying f***s about the nay-sayers.

SHE chose to look for east-west marital shit.
SHE found Happier Abroad and clicked the link.
SHE chose to make an account.
And SHE chose to brag about how 'different' she is.

THAT'S who I was talking about. I'm on your side, mate. Jeez. Let a guy explain or read the post better next time. Crickey.

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 18th, 2012, 3:06 pm

Well you got a good answer as to why I am here too! LOL!!

IW is here just to attention whore...I thought that was obvious.
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