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Enough is Enough!

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Enough is Enough!

Post by Revelation » September 4th, 2013, 6:34 am

I've been thinking of the perfect way to open my intro and I think the words "enough is enough" would suit it best. I've come to the logical conclusion that the only feasible way that I'm going to get a girl that I'm attracted to is going abroad.

To give you a bit of background of what I've been through: I grew up in a religious background which essentially shunned interaction with women until marriage and I was this way until I pretty much graduated high school (missing out on developing the crucial skills necessary to deal with women). After de-converting, I got into the friend zone a lot due to the fact that I didn't know how to interact with women. This led me into the pick up scene and learning game which considerably advanced my social skills with women (and lost my virginity as well) well beyond that of an average guy. The problem was I had to approach a massive amount of girls to finally land one and as it so turned out I wasn't attracted to most of the girls I got which made sex very unenjoyable let alone having a relationship. When I finally did land the handful of girls that I was attracted to (after thousands of approaches), the game wasn't over after sex. It just began. As a matter of fact, I had a painful experience with one of these girls. I went away with this girl I was dating for a month and on the very last night of our get away, she meets a (supposedly) rich ass dude that got us into clubs and disappears with him for the whole night (use your imagination as to what you think happened). Needless to say, it scarred me but taught me a very important lesson about the realities here in NYC or any other major Westernized liberal city.

As much as game is important (or "self growth" as I now have come to see it), there are certain realities which are out of your control that it cannot overcome which are not even brought up by any of the gurus out there (since they can't sell to them). One:Looks and Height with Height being an extremely important factor that has been scientifically proven to be the number one criteria that a woman looks for. Don't take me for my word, just pretty much look around you everyday and count the ratio of taller guy to girl and taller girl to guy couples that you see. Unfortunately, I'm 5'5 and no matter what anyone says, my height has made it difficult when it comes to hitting up women as the average guy and many girls are taller than me (especially since women tend to wear 5-6 inch heels on top of the fact that many are average to tall to begin with). Secondly, THE CULTURE, as many of you on this forum are well aware of. Besides for the obvious influences driven by our shallow mainstream media (which has become kind of a joke as celebrity news/reality TV shows are given top priority while the actual quality of reporting has degraded) feminist influences, a huge a part of the blame goes on guys themselves. Why? Simple: Too much guys are giving tons of value to girls here and putting them on pedestals ESPECIALLY guys that are actually of much higher value (looks wise and personality) than the girls. The girls experience this non stop on a daily basis and guess what, deep down, they get a great sense of validation which feeds into an overinflated value of themselves and leads to that selfish narcissistic quality of American women that everyone is talking about. Why can they behave this way? Because they can get away with it, because theres always 10 other guys who they are attracted to that are constantly chasing them. Now even with amazing game, if you don't fit that category of guys that they are attracted to based on looks, you don't stand a chance no matter how good you are. Sure, they will allow you to "entertain" them, perhaps even get a great sense of pleasure out of you trying to impress them despite the fact that deep down, you have no shot, so that there self value becomes more inflated than it already is. This is the primary problem my friends.
While this obviously is a generalization and not every single American women is like that (as I've met plenty that are pretty nice and unfortunately, most of these nice high quality girls are already in relationships or married), I've encountered many who've expressly stated that they believe they are the "prize", and that "every man" wants to date them. This belief is not driven by delusion but rather by what these girls have been experiencing on a daily basis since the moment they hit puberty.

Here's a good one for you guys calling for a boycott, I have a good friend that's been at this for more than a decade who will now not hesitate to yell at a guy he sees hitting up a girl that's of significantly lower value.

The conclusion is that culture accounts of 70-80 percent of how a girl will respond to you so in essence, you are fighting an uphill battle as the culture here is rigged in favor of women. Women here essentially go through what I consider the "strip club" experience, where they can get laid anytime they want and usually with a guy they are attracted to, and on top of that, have several of these guys to choose from on a frequent basis. While guys like myself, have to constantly fight a painful uphill battle and play the numbers game. To equate this in different terms, it's like taking a starving person from Africa who barely has food to eat and forcing them to constantly watch some rich folks dine at the finest restaurants non stop, smell the amazing food, and watch them throw out leftovers that can nourish him for a week just because they can. Well as I began my intro, I've simply had enough!!

What led me here? The positive feedback I've received from several guys I met that made the leap and went abroad. Additionally, I've been fortunate enough to interact with some foreign European women (NOT Western Europe, but from Italy, Spain and Eastern Europe etc..) that were visiting NYC (since its only a matter of time before women that move here permanently become tainted) and oh my god, the experience was amazing! They are so MUCH more feminine than American girls and they don't fight you every step of the way. As a matter of fact, they actually make the process of talking to them much easier. I can only compare the experience to someone who was colorblind finally being able to see color.

I do apologize for the long intro (it was not without a decade of painful and frustrating experiences). 8)

I would like to now take the leap on behalf of all my friends struggling out here; Can any one suggest the first steps as far as where to go? I would be originally looking to meet European women and can possibly go away for 1- 2 weeks.

-Vic from NYC

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