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How I came to this site and some practical advice

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How I came to this site and some practical advice

Post by mfpinwa » February 2nd, 2014, 7:08 pm

I came to this site after searching for which country still has some freedom. I know the USA is becoming less free everyday and falling quickly. I was looking for information on which countries to consider for relocation.

Your page "Debunking the Myth of Freedom and Democracy in America" brings up many important points which I am in complete agreement. In addition I would add several points:

It seems that the US is turning into a police state, and especially turning against men. State governments have passed more and more laws against men.

Note: Governments have not been able to pass gun control laws thus are attempting to convict every male citizen of a crime in order to prevent them from purchasing and owning a gun.

Men in this country are increasing being viewed as violent criminals and nothing more than as a group to be put in jail or robbed by female dominated courts.

This is in alignment with your observation that American women are extremely suspicious of men. American women have been taught from an early age not to trust men. They are indoctrinated in course taught at US schools in women's studies and the media.

Another factor affecting men is the recent rise in number of female attorneys and the subsequent take over of the court system by men-hating female judges. In case you haven't noticed men-hating females have taken over the political and legal systems and are using it to achieve their feminist agenda against men.

The evidence, the US has more men in prison that any other country, over 90 percent of the people in prison are men. Women rarely get prison time except in the most extreme cases. The courts are extremely biased against men!!!

As a man you have no rights!!!
The courts have complete power over you, and can take whatever they want, whenever they feel like it. And there is no way to protect yourself except to get out of the country.

Even then there are limited places to escape since the US is a worldwide empire with agreements in place with most other countries.

If you're a man living in the US, don't waste your time trying to build anything of value since it will all be taken from you by force from the female dominated government.

It's better to become a worthless bum. Drain the system for as much as you can get. Play the victim card as much as you can like women do. Turn their system against them and wait for it all to collapse.

If anyone knows of a place that is free to live, let me know.

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Post by Wolfeye » February 18th, 2014, 12:37 am

Hadn't thought of that point about trying to convict everyone so they can have a de facto gun ban.

I do & don't see what you mean about the laws that are steered toward men. On the one hand: every damn thing you do is illegal, so that's a point right off the bat. I notice that whenever someone tries to go on the attack & someone else counters it, that's seen as an act of oppression. More & more there's a trend of people trying to annex others with their decisions.

This leads me to my other point, though: this situation applies quite a bit to women, sometimes in very unseemly manners. Plenty of these situations are afforded to these women BY women, too. An added point is that this is increasingly aimed at children, and this would now involve the parents. Someone attacks the kid at school & the parent rightfully attacks them for it- now it's some kind of horrible injustice. Same with protecting them before anything happens. You shouldn't have to risk jail in order to keep your family safe & you now have to protect them from people that are held in the esteem of protectors.

As advice, I'd aim toward countries that ted toward countering problems. Things spring up in all kinds of countries, but a major point is them fixing these problems. I might go for the Mediterranean, but the Slavic countries are interesting, too. Even though the law can be a bit of an issue there, the people DO understand reality & don't do the sacrificial lamb act (where they sabotage themselves in a useless attempt to stop someone else from doing something- they're pretending to BE a "bad guy" that sabotages themselves as if that's going to have an effect on someone else, instead of just themselves).

Look at countries that have had hard times (dictators, invading armies, disasters, etc...), because it seems like those places don't hold it against you when you're able to handle yourself. I've also noticed that they don't seem to split hairs about every little thing (pot's a good example- in a lot of countries they don't regard having a few joints as an issue, but being a heroin trafficer IS considered an issue). In Portugal, ALL drugs are decriminalized (10 days personal use or less is a 50 euro fine). I hear it's like that in Russia, too, now. Spain & Italy seem to be fairly laid back as far as marijuana is concerned. All these countries protest things when it starts becoming a problem & there's even some degree of governmental support when things start getting out of hand (the military will actually back the people, a nonsense law might get blocked by people in government, officials actually get investigated when they're screwing things up, ectc...). In America you have a situation of "regulatory capture" & the back-up is not generally trustable.

You get weird gun & knife laws depending on where you go. As far as guns & knives go: The Czech Republic is pretty lax about things like that- although you seem to need to register your guns there (either way, the general theme of "stabbing people at random IS a problem, having a knife that's slightly longer than your palm ISN'T). Russia is kind of on & off with laws (one minute something's technically illegal, but it's not pursued- then that same things IS pursued, unless you bribe them). They have the ability to take things seriously, too.

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Re: How I came to this site and some practical advice

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » February 18th, 2014, 12:44 am


We now have the license to process work visas and residency visas....but you have to have something to bring to the table.....the poor and the lazy need not apply.
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