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Toronto dating scene is toxic to men

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Toronto dating scene is toxic to men

Post by FrancisUser » May 25th, 2014, 4:49 am


I'm a 31 year old male living in Toronto, Canada. I've come to the realization that the Toronto is not a good city for men because the laws, employment sector and public education seem to "hate men" from the very beginning. Canada is a very politically correct country and while feminine women are scarce in Canada, the amount of bigoted radical feminists are tremendous and makes even the most ambitious man feel insecure because
the radical feminist movement would do anything to bring down a decent man.

For some of us, the decline in the Canadian women literally has occurred before our eyes. It’s a gloomy thought, but there it is. Cities such
as Toronto have a huge proportion of complaints when it comes to dating Toronto women.

When a woman says something like “men are pigsâ€￾ in lecture at a Toronto university with standing ovation, you know there is something wrong with the social sphere
of Toronto. The poisonous Marxist influences of the schooling system which lead women to the hate-filled, narcissistic political views and lifestyles are certainly
to blame and have been mentioned many times

A majority of adult female Torontonians are proud to date multiple high status guys at the same time, yet display hatred towards non-rich, normal males who ask them for a long term relationship. Probably because of the high expectations of most Toronto women, a majority of whom are college educated and part of the radical feminist movement.

A majority of adult female Torontonians care more about maintaining their career than family. In, Toronto, Canada, not only is it there political agenda of hating men ,most Marxist Toronto women believe they are at the centre of the entitlement universe, not only is it their complete inability to have a conversation about anything other than Facebook or Instagram selfies.

Not to say that average Joes do not get laid as claimed by strawman arguments made by radical feminists. Prostitution is a thriving industry in Toronto, much to the dismay of radical feminists who attempt to impede male freedoms.

Subsequent to the Supreme Court's ruling on prostitution laws (despite opposition by feminists), prostitution is more legal in Toronto than an averae guy trying to talk to a woman because the latter is considered sexual harassment, which causes dire consequences for the male because the police and courts are very protective over women. Therefore, trying to "court" a Toronto woman would probably cause the man to end up in criminal court.

That’s the subversive demoralizing Toronto life. Is there a way to adapt, or do marriage have to be abroad? Please note that topics such as these
are frowned upon in Canada, with the regular shaming strategies by feminists and male feminists alike.

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Post by Robert77 » June 4th, 2014, 4:47 pm

canada is an even crappier version of the US
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E Irizarry R&B Singer
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Post by E Irizarry R&B Singer » June 4th, 2014, 5:21 pm

Wait wait wait.

When I was in Calgary nine years ago, I used to work as a bouncer, under-the-table, and I was easily courting n$#@& and brother lovers.

The only time I had trouble with feminists in Calgary was the one Peruvian-American girl whom relocated from California to Calgary (the ghetto part - which looked like a middle-class suburb on its worst day), and she ignored me after she found out I was residing in a homeless shelter without hearing my story.

Now I will agree that Toronto is the most feminized and the most Americanized city in Can It? Duh!

However, if you go to Etobicoke, there are a plethora of Middle Eastern, Asian, S. Asian/Indian women whom are courtable...if you were to go
to Mississauga, there are Italian women to court there. They aren't all friendly, but they are more bedable than stateside Jersey Shore Snookie POS's.

And then Scarborough (past E. Toronto) has some lower-middle class girls ready to be courted, too.

Quebecois women are the easiest Canadian women, and S_Parc would gladly concur and I don't even think he's fluent in Quebecois French.
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Post by MrMark1972 » June 11th, 2014, 5:24 pm

I live in the Province of Quebec and I gotta agree with E Irizzary that French-Canadian girls are damn easy to lay...but that aint what Im looking for anymore...when it comes to a relationship they are extremely dysfunctional and it's not uncommon for them to keep on changing partners right into their 70's!
As for the whole thing on Toronto...gotta agree the end Canada is just a toned down version of the USA...people are just as uptight/fake and materialistic...and hot girls are only looking for "Alpha-ballers"....I compare this to stories my older(50's) acquantances,at the gym,tell me about travelling overseas and being pursued by young hotties...sure its about the money and having a guy to take care of them and buy them stuff...but its the same over here.Would you rather buy your young hot GF some inexpensive clothes at the swap-meet or take her shopping at a high end designer boutique(Canadian style)?? I think the question answers way or another p***y costs money...LOL The bottom line is its easier and cheaper overseas.

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