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Greetings to all

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Greetings to all

Post by Farseeker » August 28th, 2015, 4:14 am

Hello everybody,

It's very nice to be here. I'm glad I found this place. A little about me...

I live in the eastern U.S.. For a long time I dated different American Women with various degrees of success (or failure). Each time the relationship ended, whether by my provocation or theirs, I wondered why. Was it me, or them. I tried hard in the relationships, romancing, being kind and considerate and all the things that I thought I was supposed to do. Sometimes I was the dumper, sometimes the dumpee, for whatever reason (incompatibility, them cheating on me, etc.). I married at 30 and my daughter was born a few years later. My wife was domineering, always questioning me and my whereabouts and just an all around &%$#@! I was accused near daily of having an affair, though never did, but she was insecure. I tried accepting her insecurities, siting that she had a troubled childhood which affected how she was as an adult, but everyday I found I was being punished for crap that happened to her long before I was ever with her. I started my own business and when I got calls from female clients, she immediately thought we were having an affair. When we went grocery shopping and at check out I smiled to the girl at the register and told her thank you, boom!, her and I were having sex according to my wife. This was a daily routine for years. Were it not enough, she also put me under the microscope for everything I did or didn't do. If I chose to mow the lawn on a Saturday rather than the usual Sunday, an interrogation surely followed as to why I deviated from the norm. Just stupid stuff like that, but every day brought another unfounded accusation.

The pressure finally got to me and we filed for divorce in 2008. Since then, I dated a few AW and nothing came of it. One I was deeply in love with, and she left me because she didn't want kids (my daughter included), and the others were just typical, spoiled and selfish. One who considered herself so mature and worldly broke up with me via text. Text! She couldn't even give me the dignity of a phone call. I tried dating sites, sending messages to women and never getting a reply. Never. I wasn't sending perverse pics, or writing dirty things to them. I would read their profile, see something interesting and message them asking about that interest (you see, AW always write in their profiles that men don't read them. I do and thought, at the time, they would appreciate that. Nope). I would eventually learn that AW, no matter their appearance, would always find men online, and despite their many flaws, AW always had plenty of men to choose from. Anyways, I grew bitter about women for a couple of years, and drifted into the MGTOW sphere. At first I thought that movement suited me, as it aligned with my then current views on women. But MGTOW's, I've learned, are all haters of women, or at least, they're not respectful of them and think them less than human. With this, I don't agree. I am fond of women. I appreciate their beauty and traits and all that they have to offer.

So I found myself in a quandary. I was fed up with my bad luck in relationships, but I didn't loathe women in general like MGTOW's. What was the answer? It took a long while to realize, but I finally knew the answer. It was the women. All the women I've been exposed to had one common thread. They were American. Now, I'm preaching to the choir here about AW's flaws, their selfishness and infidelity, the undermining that is the feminist movement, how women ask for the nice guy but chase the bad boy. So I'll skip that. I found a international dating sites and tested the waters. Whoa! What a difference. Beautiful women all around, and when I sent them messages. they replied. And not only did they reply, but their messages back to me were lengthy and meaningful.

So here I am, finding that the greener pastures are found outside America.

Sorry if I dumped on you folks about my woes with women, but thanks for reading none-the-less.

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