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An introduction (and a special thanks to Winston Wu)

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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An introduction (and a special thanks to Winston Wu)

Post by Илья_Курякин » October 5th, 2015, 11:41 pm


I've been reading the board and the videos posted on it for two years now. In the past I never cared much about the eastern world, until I talked on Interpals with an Ukrainian girl. Her beauty left a lasting impression on me, and upon researching on their people, I somehow ended up here. A board full of (more or less, I'm not as a radical as some here probably are) like-minded people who all experience the same thing worldwide: women being stuck up bitches and all that. In the past I used to believe it was only in my town, ha. Having found this site, opened a new world for me kind of. And I would like to thank y'all for that: a broader world vision, new insights, interesting articles... I would also like to give my special thanks to Winston Wu, having seen his videos about Russia, I got talking on Vkontakte with a special Russian girl, who became my beloved. She was the girl of my dreams, I couldn't imagine a sweeter, more caring, loving girl. I went to visit her in Moscow and we skyped every day, it was the most beautiful time of my life, really. Simply breathtaking, and heartbreaking to leave her behind.. to never see her again. We planned for her to come to visit me in Belgium and live together in the future, but a gas explosion near her apartment block made an end to that. She passed away being only 20 years old.

It's nearly a year ago now and I've been picking my life up again over the last few months. I've been learning Russian for a little over a year now and am making good progress, and it kept me busy during this difficult period. I would like to travel there again as soon as possible, next summer probably. I'm also interested in visiting the CIS countries. Especially Central Asia. It's gorgeous.

Based on what I've read on here the last years I can give a few recommendations:
- if you're interested in a Slavic woman, study Russian, it will help with everything, and opposed to Polish/Czech, this language will give you access to a dating pool of at least 15 countries.
- if you can avoid it, don't use the dating agencies (especially if you're still relatively young), use Vkontakte/Odnoklassniki/, I promise you, you'll find someone. I would recommend to join groups and start talking with others that way, for example music. Russian will help, but English will be fine aswell, it depends on the individual. Although I haven't and most likely will never try one of the agencies, it just looks like a big waste of money to me!

I can also give advice on my own country, Belgium, although I wouldn't see a reason why anyone would want to be an expat here. Women are cold, superficial, uneducated (as in only knowing one-syllabic and emoticon answers), egocentric, selfi-addicted, mutatis mutandis the average American woman. They aren't interested in a well educated man, good looking man. They want fun and "YOLO". My girlfriend never understood that and told me that if I lived in Russia she'd had to fight over me with a lot of other women :o
By the way matter the ancestry, a yank is a yank. I don't recall who said it on this site, but it also applies to young Russian teenagers in Belgium/EU . They're just the same. Most can't even type Cyrillic anymore and lost their cultural heritage, such a pity. The same with the Morrocan community and so on.

If you want advice with the study of the Russian language, hit me up.

It really annoys me how all the American crap (music, series) is broadcasted here all of the time. Russian music is so much more "добродушно", warm, meaningful, even the mainstream pop.

An example of the dating scene on the Runet: on google if you type in English: "she doesn't write back" etc etc, you'll find a thousand matches. In Russian on yandeks, a few! Over there, it's the women who have trouble with the men, who can't stay loyal. Just try and see!

I think that's about it, so long!

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Re: An introduction (and a special thanks to Winston Wu)

Post by gsjackson » October 6th, 2015, 3:31 am

Welcome to the forum. I'm certainly interested in Russia and learning a bit of the language -- all the more so after reading your post. Any tips on picking up the language would be welcome. I'm willing to spend a month or two taking full-time language classes in Moscow.

I spent a couple months in Belgium two years ago and would have to concur about the women. Not a happy hunting ground.

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