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Why I Hate America

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Why I Hate America

Post by Katmandu » March 2nd, 2016, 3:02 am

I have a confession. I hate the US even though I would never say so in public. I'm planning to leave quietly and when people ask why I tell I simply tell them I want have adventure and travel the world, which is true.

If you're American, hating America is pretty much the worst thing you can do so I stay quiet about it in public.

I'm new here. I found this website while looking for websites about foreign travel and this is the first time I found a website that spells out everything that I think is wrong with the US but would never say in public.

Americans just don't get it. When most Americans say what's wrong with the US the two usual suspects are liberals or conservatives. It's always the other side. If one side could just get their way all of the time then everything would be perfect. That won't fix anything because unlike Winston, they don't have a clue about what this country's problems really are! You can't fix something if you don't even know what's wrong with it!

One reason why I hate the US is it's over regulated. I prefer the path of least resistance and right now it looks like the easiest path is to move to another country. Conservatives talk a good game when it comes to over regulation but it looks like they have a different definition of over regulation than regular people. When they say "over regulation", they're not talking about you. They mean large corporations.

I hate Obamacare and I'm sick of the way liberals and Democrats defend it because their arguments are so stupid! The argument I always hear is "Do you like being able to stay on your parent's plan until you're 26? Do you like it that companies can't deny you based on pre-existing conditions? Yes? Then you must love Obamacare!

Let me try to explain this to Obamacare supporters even though they might be too stupid to get it. The reason why people don't have health insurance is because they can't afford it. Obamacare fines people around $695 for not being able to afford it. What's so difficult about that to understand? Don't try giving me that "It's a tax, not a fine" garbage, let's call it what it is, it's a fine for not having enough money. I can't afford Obamacare because it's more than $300 per month. I cancelled my plan with my marketplace provider today because it was absolutely worthless! I went to the doctor and it didn't cover anything. Guess what, I can't afford to pay both the doctor bill and the monthly premium for the worthless health insurance plan so I'm going to dump the health insurance so now I get to may more taxes next year! Anyway, my niece couldn't afford Obamacare last year because she doesn't make a whole lot of money but she didn't qualify for subsidies. She was in the "doughnut hole" Now she owes $700 in taxes. How exactly does that make the Affordable Care Act a good thing?

There's only one way out of it and that's to go back to my old job where I had health insurance but I hated my old job. I'm self employed now and Obamacare is making self employment a lot harder than it needs to be! I left my last job because it was in an over regulated industry and I just didn't want to deal with it anymore.

Liberals talk a good game when it comes to poor people and the middle class but they don't. I hate conservatives but I absolutely despise liberals and getting away from both of them would be really nice. In many other countries "liberal" and "conservative" don't follow the same lines as they do in the US.

Liberals, let me explain why I hate you so much. I'm a white guy. I'm of European descent. I don't have any control over that. I don't hate non white people. There's not a single slave owner in my family tree until I get back to 1406 but all of his slaves were other white people. All I ever hear from liberals and Democrats is bad mouthing white males and then when we won't vote for you it must be because we're uneducated and stupid even though I have a college degree. I'm not going to vote for a party who thinks I'm the bad guy, it's as simple as that. How is voting against someone who bad mouths you uneducated and stupid?

Happier Abroad gets it right, there are more countries in the world. Right now I'm thinking about which where I'll move.

Also, right now I'll have to address one of the many completely useless buzzwords and catch phrases that infect American speech: I won't let the door hit me on the way out, whatever that's supposed to mean.
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Re: Why I Hate America (rant)

Post by Yohan » March 2nd, 2016, 4:39 am

I think you got the right idea.

It is true that USA is not the 'paradise' anymore. Post WWII times which made USA rich are gone - there are nowadays plenty of jobless people, no general system about healthcare, short vacation, unpaid overtime, a huge prison population and so on and so on.

However to be fair, there are many country now worldwide, which are considerably worse than the USA.

Don't talk too much about your intention to leave the US, avoid any connection with an US-female, save some money, don't believe everything what brainwashed Western media is telling you - and try it out. Get on an airplane.

If you do some research and travel, I think you will be astonished how many people from Northern America and Western Europe decided to move and to live somewhere else away from their native countries.

I left Europe for Asia, 4 decades ago, and never came back.

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Post by Ghost » March 2nd, 2016, 7:17 am

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Re: Why I Hate America (rant)

Post by Moretorque » March 2nd, 2016, 6:10 pm

Of course America is pretty bad, the people do not get it. It starts by understanding the founding documents and how they were hijacked. America has been slated for a major major change by the new owners, they use the ignorance of the masses to dupe and herd them then blame free and open market capitalism for all the woes.

Trying to go somewhere else is good but our rulers have plans to engineer the entire planet to their liking so you must choose wisely and things move really fast today. Just look what they have done to the world since 9/11.

By the way Bob Seger made some great music.
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