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New member from South Africa

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Re: New member from South Africa

Post by Kradmelder » October 13th, 2016, 11:26 am

Rock wrote:
Kradmelder wrote:I came across this forum by accident when googling for something and saw some thread about south african women being traditional and better wife material LOL. I almost burst out laughing. Ja, maybe your mother's generation, not the white women of today! They are the ultimate spoilt, self absorbed, lazy entitlement queens, who don't have careers, expect fancy houses and cars, 60 pairs of shoes and cupboards of clothes, fancy holidays and salons regularly to do their hair and nails, and to be taken out to eat regularly. The vast majority can't even cook, or won't, and most men I know do the cooking to feed their families. They don't do housework and expect you to provide a maid. You can see the white women at Woolies and Spar buying ready made food to warm up and call that cooking. I have had countless girlfriends, of whom only one could cook. Of the rest, some can't even make pasta, or an omelette, never mind a proper meal LOL.

I had a friend from sweden who came here and met one and took her home. I told him you will regret it Within a month he was saying she is so lazy and can't clean house or cook; not even use a vacuum cleaner. She just wants to be taken out to eat and is so obsessed wit her looks.

The same jew led PC assault and Hebrewwood have ruined them like it has ruined white women throughout the western world.

Now i just pomp them and avoid any other dealings with them. They add no other value. If they didn't have a fanny I wouldn't even talk to them and men would probably hunt them as vermin. The minute they start talking relationshit, I get rid of them. The best way is simply see them once every 2-4 weeks for sex (not more or they think you are a boyfriend), have sex, never let them sleep over, so weekdays are best. Never take them out on a date. A few hours for sex then send them packing. You just need to find women that have responsibilities, their own job and home, are content single, but also have physical needs. Weekends Im busy with my bikes or my kids so i have no time for a heifer's demands and tantrums and chemical imbalances.

Don't ever let them move in, meet your kids, meet your friends or family, not anything that makes a heifer think you are now a couple.

The modern south african white woman is something you want to best minimise contact with, just like most western women. Just that ours are even more spoilt as they never had to lift a finger and expect maids to do everything, even when they don't work. They also expect to be taken out far more.
Krad have you travelled and lived around the African continent extensively? What countries have you been to there?

Do you think there are any cities or countries in sub-saharan Africa which might be fun to visit? I know you consider white women in southern Africa as useful only for hook-ups and short term relationships. Do you even bother with black or Asian girls down there? Aren't some of the Zulu women very sexy and hot?

We haven't had many people with an African perspective or experience on this forum. I hope over time, that area of the world can get much better coverage on this forum. Perhaps you can help with this?
Ive worked in many. I have no dealings with black women except as maids. I will cut off my dick before I ever touch one. There is no such thing as 'hot black woman'. There is only a darkie.

As an outsider, africa would be a great place to visit if you are the adventurous type and like to get away from tourist stuff. The north coast of kenya beyond the tourist resorts is great. Nogorogoro crater in tanzania ia great. Climb mount mulanje in malawi. Kilimnajaro too commericaliesed. The north of Mozambique. Great seafood as well. If you have the personality and courage to wander off on your own away from tourist things, it is well worth it. You will find whites stick together and will always help you out.

Africa is huge. Lots of great scenery. It is only in the cities that you have to worry about safety. South africa is the worst, and the most violent blacks.

Botswana is over priced.

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Re: New member from South Africa

Post by Russian1860 » October 13th, 2016, 1:05 pm

Kradmelder wrote: As an outsider, africa would be a great place to visit if you are the adventurous type and like to get away from tourist stuff.
I think, that’s a key phrase, and I agree with that. I love Africa, because I don’t live there. :lol:
That’s a totally different experience to live, to work or just to visit a country. You look at the same things from a different angle.

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Re: New member from South Africa

Post by Wolfeye » October 13th, 2016, 7:23 pm

Kradmelder: Really? I'm surprised that South Africa has the most violent blacks (I would have thought Somalia or Sudan, but then I don't know too many reasons someone would tour there). Are there places outside of South Africa that there are whites? It's good to hear that they'll stick together- it's not too common of a trait here in the US (it happens sometimes, but not frequently).

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