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Thread for the World Passport

Discuss international visas, immigration and citizenship issues.

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Thread for the World Passport

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » April 24th, 2012, 12:55 pm

Hi Winston,
rather than my intro thread I will put a discussion thread on the World Passport here.

Obviously once the World Passport is accepted for associates of the Mens Business Association the visa and immigration issues go away for those associates. What I am going to do is to go through the process of using the world passport in various countries and when it is declined begin the law proceedings that force the guvment to accept it. As I said I have started with the UK and Germany and have been at this 2.5 years already.

I think pretty much every man here would like to own a World Passport and to have it be accepted so that the man can live and work in any UN country he chooses.

The goal is to free men to work in any UN country he chooses. Of course, to do that they have to be under their oath to be honest men of honour and integrity or I will not accept them into the MBA, nor will my successors whoever they may be.

If any men would like to assist me get this working they can contact me on

The passport itself is USD80 for 10 might be a bit more now...and it takes 8 weeks to get one. The forms are on the site. Anyone can just write off and get one. It may be a year or two yet before we can force the German/UK guvments to accept these passports....but I think we can all agree that they are a very desirable item.

If other men had helped me I am pretty sure I would have sorted this out by now.

All I have asked other men to do is to write to the head of their guvment and ask for the law, in writing, and over the signature of the leader of the guvment applied under oath as to why the world passport is not acceptable by the guvment. I want to then post those letters...names my CAF site...or now MBA site.

If the leader of a guvment can not produce a LAW under oath as to why something BREAKS THE LAW then that action is LAWFUL as far as the guvment is concerned.

For those who want to go further they can do what I did...that is..get the passport...issue a claim of right to travel using negative affirment, issue the default notice...then travel and cause an incident...then take it into the courts.

Of course. Very few men have the guts to do that it seems. I thought men would be quite willing to take on their guvments. After all they are our servants...not our masters. No government official can do anything that any ordinary man can not do. We are above them. ALL actions of ALL guvment officials can be overturned by a jury of 12 men if that action is a criminal action. No exceptions. They hold their public SERVICE offices under oath and serve at OUR pleasure......

It is a shame more men do not understand this.

Of course the agents of the gument think they are above the law because their mates in the courts do not punish them. This is why MBA is creating new courts. Any man who wants to serve on a court to hold guvment officials to the LAW OF THE LAND merely need join MBA. All MBA associates will be UNDER OATH to perform jury duty when called upon for a fee of 1 ounce of silver per hour of service. It is entirely possible some men could become professional jury members in the MBA. All men over the age of 18 are welcome to the MBA. Jury members will be selected by a secretary for a court.

It is a little known fact that people of the land forming courts form a court higher than any guvment court as the guvment courts are adminstrative uniform commercial code courts and are NOT courts of law. This is all explained in the books.

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Re: Thread for the World Passport

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 22nd, 2012, 10:47 pm

A member asked me what he could do to help with the world passport.

If you live in Germany or UK you could help by sending a letter to David Cameron or Angela Merkel and ask the questions as described in this link.

If you live somewhere else and have one of these or want one of these then you should start by issuing a lawful notice as an affidavit followed by a default judgement similar to what I did in the link. Obviously I have removed sections to make it public.

It is only by making the WP public and getting more people to know about it and to have the guvment remain silent that we will get it to work properly. I am personally writing to the head of customs in frankfurt airport and have written to customs in stuttgart airport as the follow on for my use of the WP. Now that the German court has not been able to present any evidence that it should not be accepted I am pushing harder to have it accepted.
Of course these things are not easy to do....we are up against guvments...and they do not like being told they do not have the authority to do something. ... t.aspx#895

PS. This is the world citizen group some people might want to join.

you might like to go onto World Citizen and let them know about HA. Guys there live all over the world. You can invite them to join here.
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Blue Murder
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Post by Blue Murder » May 23rd, 2012, 7:54 am

I'm too burned-out to make a good follow-up, but expect some wicked-long post about why the World Passport needs to be recognised in the very-near future.
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Post by ladislav » May 23rd, 2012, 8:27 am

The way it stands, it is just a novelty item for people with money to waste on a souvenir.
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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » July 10th, 2012, 11:28 am

ladislav wrote:The way it stands, it is just a novelty item for people with money to waste on a souvenir.
And it will continue to be refused while gutless men comment that it continues to be refused while doing nothing about it.

You guys are a disgrace. Many of you would LOVE to be able to travel freely but you are too gutless to take the bullies in guvment on are waiting for someone else to do your job for you and then you will not want to pay them for their hard work.

I put a page on payment into my latest book. I have noted I have risked my life and spent 4,000 hours on getting this far. I suggested that the readers of the book PAY ME WHAT THEY THINK MY WORK SO FAR IS WORTH.

Of course, I have had 1,500 downloads now of the book and NO ONE HAS PAID ME ONE CENT.



That is how disgusting men are today in the west.....there is no getting around it.
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