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Question to negro members

Ask questions and get advice. Disclaimer: Any advice you take here is at your own risk. We are not liable for any consequences you might incur from following advice here. Note: Before posting your question, do a search for it in the Google Search box at the top to see if it's been addressed.

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » August 24th, 2011, 9:07 pm

swincor__ wrote:
NorthAmericanguy wrote:
Adama wrote:
ladislav wrote: In other words, for the majority it is insularism and provincialism. Their world is small and their understanding is colored ( no pun intended) by past experience in the US, and thus they have very narrow and myopic view of it. Add to it that geography is an electice in the US, and you've got a very dull situation on your hands.
I agree with this 100%. You worded that very eloquently. I think many black people tend to be (and this goes double for the Puerto Ricans) very narrow-minded about practically every subject to the point of sometimes being completely irrational. Even worse, personalities are almost built upon being oppositional and looking for racism in every action of another person. There will never be anything else to think about for most of them.

And whose fault is that? It was Europeans (mainly Jews) who CREATED racism in the first place to justify subjugating and enslaving Africans as well as other indigenous people. It's only natural that the aftereffects subjugated people become hyper vigilant.

I have a feeling the huge chip you have on your shoulder against white people and Europeans is very common among blacks, which goes to show that all the money and apologies white society showers upon blacks will never satisfy you. And which only reinforces the need for your people to separate and form your own communities away from white people. It's the best for both peoples.
1. All the money? What money? I have no money other then the money I have earned entirely on my own which was VERY difficult. Yes, Africans do get money from the government but it's mostly goes to the worthless ghetto human trash that have 5+ kids and are on section 8. I DESPISE THEM!

2. In my lifetime, and not that I'm looking for it, I have never had not one white person pull me aside and apologize for what their ancestors have done (granted, many are not even aware and others have bloodlines that were NOT involved).

However, I HAVE had white people pull me aside and tell me not to date their women, as well as I have had white people tell me that they see no reason why figures such as Martin Luther King jr deserve holidays. Granted, I'm not a fan of MLK myself, but whites sure have no problem expressing what they don't like about me, or my people.

As far as a chip on my shoulder, my statements in this thread were mostly made from a non emotional perspective. I'm just stating the facts (to the best of my ability), and discussing history.

If you think I hate white people or have something against everyone of them you're wrong. All I know is we can't coexist peacefully and it's been this way since our first contact going by ancient text. According to ancient text, we are, "different but equal."

Lastly, I doubt that Africans can just go their own way and live a life detached from the conquest of European colonialism. You and I both know Europeans are not going to let that happen based on past history, and what is currently going on in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Yea, right, you guys are too aggressive to let "resources" walk away.

Sadly, we are probably going to have a huge fight, AGAIN, for complete freedom and independence.
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Post by ErikHeaven » August 24th, 2011, 10:00 pm

I concur. I recognize white people that are kind to me and civil to me. In fact many of them like me and i like them and respect them. Yet i feel as well we do need to separate as some of these race issues will come to a head with fighting in the streets and we do not need that.
We also need to start our modern experiment to see whether we can govern ourselves and create our own thing. This is what i desire most fervently.
The racial construct was created by somebody in the past to divide and keep people at each others throats and it worked. We are all humans with differing agendas that is all.

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Post by ErikHeaven » August 24th, 2011, 10:03 pm

Because it was really a lie told in history class to justify why Europeans are in north America in the first place.

Europeans were not running to escape religious oppression, they were escaping poverty and were told there was wealth to be had here in North America (ie. land).

You think men (and women) would endure horrible conditions at sea, then deal with life threatening situations (many did die) here in America just to build a church and pray? It does not even make sense. And like you said, if they were so religious, where was their humanity towards the Indians (who by the way helped those first Europeans survive winter) that were killed wholesale.
That was deep i never thought about it that way. As for the answer back i never got anything back when i told them to go back to Europe.

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » August 24th, 2011, 10:09 pm

ladislav wrote:Well, Europeans consider Jews Semites and Asiatics, not Europeans. And they decide who is European and who is not.
I have no comment. I have to research that.
ladislav wrote:Also, would you care to explain how Europeans and Jews created racism. Where and how the creation happened?
At the moment, I'm not qualified to explain it, I can direct you to a few books that can.

The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors
by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Random comments:

"Dr. Cress Welsing's book digs into the fabric of White Racism and Supremacy and gives the reader something to think about. Why does society work so hard to keep Black America down? Why do we as Blacks have so much self-hate in a land where we are not wanted and are being systematically destroyed? Why don't Whites give a real version of what has transpired in history? The answer is simple: we must learn the keys to the colors and understand the symbolism that has us as Black people trapped in a quagmire of lies and deceptions that are destroying us as a people."

"The reality that Caucasians are oppressive and racist by nature, not necessarily biologically, but culturally via there ancestral environment. It is the central aspect of a race that existed without much sun, in the harsh and cold lands of Europe and Central Asia---where brutality, greed, and oppression were the means of survival. I'm not claiming that Africans have not also been brutal or greedy, but I am claiming that it is at a far lesser extent and not as universal as it is amongst Caucasians. (For those of you who will reply to this comment with the supposed "Slave Trade" and Africa's participation in it, note that the Slave Trade remains a history told solely by the victors, the only account of it written by an African during the time was by King Affonso of the Kongo who was pleaing with Portugal to cease coming to his kingdom for slaves)

"This is the book that should be read by all colored and the so called 'WHITE' people around the world. I would recommend it to be incorporated into African education curriculum's covering primary, secondary schools and all universities. All colored especially Blacks must understand why things are the way they are. I consider Welsing's writing to be absolutely TRUE, there cannot be any other explanation of 'racism'. The book should also be translated into other main languages(e.g Germany, Swahili, French, Chinese, Russian e.t.c). "

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews:

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Post by Adama » August 25th, 2011, 6:16 am

What do you guys think Liberia is? Personally I think segregation is a terrible idea. And in all honesty, I think it'd be a failure. (Maybe if this had been proposed before rap music, women in the workplace, single motherhood, welfare, etc., then it might have been a good idea.) If it were successful, it would eventually come under the same Globalist thumb as the rest of the world (NorthAmerican's point basically).

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Post by Rock » August 25th, 2011, 11:10 am

Its hard to prove anything definitively. But I suspect the ideal situation is for an ethnicity and culture to live on its own, perhaps with a token small number of well integrated foreigners. Perhaps people in relatively homogeneous countries such as Japan and Korea are wise to so strongly resist efforts by foreigners to immigrate to their lands. There countries are probably a lot better off without a lot of white and black residents or Jews who try to control everything, lol.

Once a country becomes diverse like the US, you can't just send people back to where they come from. Its impractical and impossible. Perhaps there are ways to manage multicultural societies well. Singapore is sometimes cited as a success case. But it's just a tiny city-state with an authoritarian government and a natural strategic advantages which makes for a very prosperous economy. Its not so hard when your small and rich. But the US is social mess now and I can't imagine any workable solutions which weren't draconian and cruel.

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Post by Fenix » August 25th, 2011, 6:46 pm

Do you think Brazil is successful?

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Post by Rock » August 25th, 2011, 7:49 pm

Phoenix Sosa wrote:Do you think Brazil is successful?
As far as the social environment goes, it also has huge problems. Wealth is very concentrated with a small, mostly white group. Street crime is rampant in most large and medium sized cities. There is a high correlation between race and class there even though you see a lot of racial mixing at the grassroots level. Heck, the US is also getting more mixed but that doesn't seem to be helping much with the race issues or wealth distribution. Black and Hispanics in the States are getting relatively poorer. I have stats which back this up.

Brazil is still a fairly poor country but with a very high cost of living. Imported electronics are off-the-charts expensive. Infrastructure is inefficient. Police and government are very corrupt. The poor class is huge and lives in an environment similar in many ways to the biggest and baddest US housing projects of the past. By most PPP measures, middle class Brazilians are significantly poorer than their US counterparts. They also make-up a smaller percentage of the total population. And a middle class person living in a city will probably be victimized by a mugging, carjacking, or home robbery (while at home) sooner or later. It will probably happen to him or her multiple times over a decade or two. In contrast, he could live 20 lives and 1,000 years in Tokyo or Taipei and probably never be any kind of crime victim. These cities don't even have real slums or dangerous areas. I don't think you could find me one block on the whole face of a developed East Asian city where I would be afraid to walk anytime, day or night. BTW, I believe the safest areas in Brazil are in the relatively segregated deep south.

Is Brazil, like many other emerging economies, especially the larger ones, improving? Yes, for sure. But it has a long way to go still and I doubt the social problems will just disappear unless the country gets so damn rich that enough money trickles down to the poor classes to appease them. Not likely, at least for a long time. And besides, appeased poor people will probably not stay happy for long if their standard of living improvements are not commensurate with the middle or especially rich classes. People always compare themselves with others. If they feel the boom largely passed them over, they will likely become bitter and angry in spite of their absolute improvement in living standard.

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Post by ladislav » August 26th, 2011, 8:17 am

Some notes:

In most Latin American countries blacks did not become elevated to a different "nationality"/culture as it were. They still remain part of the nation of which they are citizens. For example, in some videos I have seen here a gentleman used the term- my people, my race, things like that. He did not mean my people as Americans which is what it should have been.

This would not be common in Latin America. A Black person from Latin America, when talking about "my people" would be talking about Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, etc. In this lies the core difference between Latin and Anglo world.

Also, while giving links, it would be nice if you gave a gist of what is there. You know, most people are busy making a living so it would really help if you provided a summary rather than asking people to go and research.

Making a strong statement such as "Europeans ( and Jews) invented racism" would need to be backed up by some info. And also where do you mean they invented it? If you talk about the USA with its overemphasis of the importance of ethnicity, then I would probably say, well, yes. You are right to a point. The founding fathers were very race conscious and tried to divide people into whites and non whites. Jews were non whites initially but as they gained power they moved from being people of Semitic race as late as 1950ies to white race.

But these are all US/Anglo/and particularly new world/recent categories. In Europe, over thousands of years, no one used the term white vs non white. In Russia, for example, at least when I lived there, these categories did not exist. They did not classify people by color. They would classify them by ethnicity- Uzbek, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian, etc. Then they would discriminate based on that. So, the American taxonomy did not exist there. No person there thought of himself as "white", for example. In most E. Euro countries people do not wake up in the morning and say "I'm a white boy". They did not invent the racism that you are talking about. The Jews most of whom lived there were considered by the people as non Europeans, along with Gypsies- an Asiatic population, that is. The Jews were expelled from Europe particularly because of that. An alien element. Non Aryans, non Europeans. And while a Jew to you is a white, and European, to a European he/she is not.

Researching about it in English may be hard. It would be much easier if you were in a location in Europe, particularly E/Central Europe talking to people in their languages to see how they feel about Jews and what they consider them to be. I have the advantage of having heard what people say and having read what they write in their encyclopedias in their native tongues.

The only thing I can think about that gets close to the invention of racism would be physical anthropology. And possibly some Nazi theorizers of the past. Also, the Brits did come up with something like that in the past.

But the majority of Europeans had other things on their minds- hating, killing and enslaving each other and calling each other by one racial epithet after another. For millennia.

Africans were the farthest thing from their mind until the colonization of Americas began and the colonial elite ( not the European populace) faced labor shortage in the Americas so they started getting slaves from the cheapest place they could. And the people you may call Europeans and Whites did not walk around Europe saying- "we are whites, we are superior, let's go get them blacks, the inferiors, and the browns and the yellows, those lowest forms of life". Most people in Europe were poor peasants attached to their feudal lord in much the same way slaves were attached to the master in the US. Most Jews again were poor, mostly tradesmen, ragmen, goldsmiths, etc. And yes, there were some rich Jews, but what? a few tens? out of millions? So, see the picture is never black and white ( pun intended)

Just take a look at what most people looked like and tell me if these are white supremacists




Trust me these were too busy getting the harvest gathered and keeping the Turks away. They had never seen a black person in their lives.

And now for the Jews. Most looked like this and were busy reading the Torah and keeping the pogromists out of the villages. Most were non citizens as you need to be a Christian to be a citizen, and were subject to being expelled and evicted at any time ( in the countries of their birth). The last thing on their mind in thier little tailor shop was sitting down and inventing racism against blacks.

These did not invent the racism you are talking about. In their book there is a mistrust against goyim/gentiles, but nothing is said there against blacks.



And these are serfs in Europe. Millions of people. Do they look like white dominators to you?


In the period of colonization, slaves from Africa were not alone used for cheap labor. There were indentured servants from Europe-- only half of them survived, btw-, there were slaves from Malaya, too. There were Indian coolies. So, while blacks were in the majority, I think the reasons were they provided the cheapest labor and could be obtained easier.

Bringing in a bunch of Italians to the New World was more expensive. So, it was not a thing based on " enslaving another race", it was based on simple labor costs and profit margins. When slavery was abolished, they simply switched to wage slavery and taking advantage of wars in Europe to bring in more cheap labor. White, non white, did not matter. They brought in Poles and Italians and Czechs, and Greeks, etc.

Incidentally, Africans also do not wake up in the morning saying "I am black, I am black". They think of themselves in terms of the tribe they belong to. And these tribes do not always get along. The epithets they use against each other often include the words "monkeys", and "apes" and they fight and hate each other. It is basically the same evil as the American racism. It is just that there it is called tribalism. And it has existed for a million years. Again, you would need to live in Africa and see it. It would also help to speak local languages to understand what they are saying.

As far as Africa lagging behind because of European colonialism, I would like to know your opinion why Asia a lot of which was colonized is not lagging behind. India and Malaysia were raped by Britain but these are developing at a very fast rate now. Indonesia is a powerhouse now, too.

Oh, and you consider the people of Carthage as Africans? Hmmm, they were basically just Lebanese-type people weren't they?
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Post by swincor » August 26th, 2011, 12:19 pm

Adama wrote:What do you guys think Liberia is? Personally I think segregation is a terrible idea. And in all honesty, I think it'd be a failure. (Maybe if this had been proposed before rap music, women in the workplace, single motherhood, welfare, etc., then it might have been a good idea.) If it were successful, it would eventually come under the same Globalist thumb as the rest of the world (NorthAmerican's point basically).

Liberia (like Haiti) is an example of blacks -- once free and independent -- unable to form functioning civil societies, at least along western lines. Both nations are failed states, whose causes are very difficult to put down to European imperialism or white racism.

Segregation might be a bad idea, but secession is a different story. I agree that it is unrealistic and impractical to kick out the different races from the US. We will probably see the US effectively carved out into different regions based on race, among other things. Perhaps the southern (white) section of Brazil will choose to secede as well from their poorer, crime-ridden, darker-skinned neighbors up north.

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nigga moment

Post by odbo » October 10th, 2011, 9:42 am

Is it true? Does every black man fear a nigga moment?

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » October 13th, 2011, 4:20 pm

swincor__ wrote:Liberia (like Haiti) is an example of blacks -- once free and independent -- unable to form functioning civil societies, at least along western lines. Both nations are failed states, whose causes are very difficult to put down to European imperialism or white racism.

I'm not fully qualified to give you a solid rebuttal. But what I can say is that once various black nations are free, the problem is that they don't have the economic strength to make it on their own and they need time to build their economies. World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund are suppose to be the governing bodies these countries can go to for help, but it's just a financial trap.

Just to give you a snapshot, sit back and watch this video (it's in 2 parts), it's called Life and Debt- Jamaica

Just start at 4:42 in: ... ure=relmfu

John Pilger has also explained the problem with The World Bank & The International Monetary Fund.

IMF & World Bank are weapons of war video: ... re=related

Random comment from video:

"After Iraq was invaded, the IMF moved in & gave Iraq loans, on condition the country would impose brutal economic policies. Iraq needed the loans to pay back the money Saddam Hussein had borrowed from the West.

Incredible! The West lends a brutal dictator money, then refuses to forgive the debt, instead uses it as a way to steal Iraq's wealth. A tiny bit of the debt was forgiven, just a token amount to appease criticism."

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