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Where is the best place/site to find japanese women?

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Where is the best place/site to find japanese women?

Postby magnum » Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:33 am

How can a white guy living in california find a unamaricanized japanese girl to start a monogamous relationship with?

I've been through all the options I can think of.

Go to little tokyo, most of the japaense girls in L.A are just white ashed glam girls, and for some reason I've noticed asian women of any race or culture tend to be even worse then white women if they were born here! though I'm sure if I had the right guide I could find real japanese girls.

I've thought about going directly to japan, but I hardly have the disposable income to do that without spending everything in my savings for a trip that would probably last a week, and that isn't enough time to start a relationship, and even if I did, to find the right girl in a week...not likely! not to mention I rather not die of cancer in 10 years of radiation, but if I had the money I'd risk it anyways...

I've thought about dating sites, but all the english dating sites hardly have any japanese girls, but maybe I just don't know the correct place to look online, I've thought about trying a real japanese dating site from japan but I've heard some bad stories.

college is a option too, but I think it's hardly smart to join college for the soul reason of meeting a foreign girl, but I need to go back to school anyway, so this could be a viable option, but I'd have to find the right school with the highest percentage of japanese girls, so I'll have to look in to that a little more, I have a friend that attends E.L.A college and he says a lot of asian girls in general go to that college, U.S.C aswell, though U.S.C is a bit harder to get in to if I go that rout.

That and I think on line college is a better idea at my age, that way I could get it done as fast as I work, rather then taking 2 to 4 years to accomplish the same thing slower.

I admit my past relations with foreign women started from a dating sites, only one ever resulted in a girl friend, and that didn't last long, so maybe the whole online thing just isn't worth it, but its better then no shot at all.

I saw a web site here, I think it was called TGA? or something, it was about the only option i've seen to find japanese girls online, but it only had maybe 2 girls under the age of 25

Any of you guys have any experience or ideas let me know, I've been researching my options!

though japanese seem to rank right under korean women on the femanazie scale, yet it seems like a complete paradox, they seem to have really good qualities if you get one who isn't femanazi-brainwashed.
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