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Koreans seem to be horrible at dating and relationships?

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Koreans seem to be horrible at dating and relationships?

Postby magnum » December 15th, 2011, 8:04 pm

So someone I know decided to tell her friends that I'm single and looking for a girlfriend, the girl who's hooking me up is chinese, so naturally I was vary excited to have a foreign girl hook me up with other foreign girls....but unfortunately, she got me in contact with these two korean girls.

Now, besides femanazis from america my second most horrible experience came from a korean girl named min I used to date, I never thought you could feel MORE lonely in a bad relationship than in no relationship at all, but boy did she teach me the true power of suffering.

Back on topic, red lights already went off in my head when I found out they were korean, but seeing as I'm desperate to date foreign women I ignored them and contacted them anyway.

One girl looked OK....the other is kinda chubby explaining why she needed her friends help in the first place I guess.

The ok one stopped contacting me back by message 3 for some unknown reason, the chubby one takes forever to respond act like she's a emotionless zombie, and when I asked her if she'd like to hang out this weekend literally said "i'm not free this weekend" didn't even give a reason or a maybe next time.

The last thing I sad was "Well when are you free?" I at least want her to SAY she isn't interested.

I know that's a lot of text for a not too interesting story, but I don't get it? this will sound prideful but I'm 100% out of her class, exercise 7 days a week....she's shubby and has a photo of her with CANDY?!

Yet I'm the one being giving the brush off, even after I ignored my inner superficial voice....... I'm almost 100% done with koreans, the only good thing i can say about them is they tend to be christian like my self, I almost went to korea in search for a girl...but it seems I'd find nothing but cold rejection if I did.

I can't believe that even meeting someone through a common PERSON is this hard, even when you are by the worlds standards socially more valuable but a large mark.... for the record almost any girl who I didn't find attractive i still dated, and they almost always messed it up.

Getting too old for this high school girl act. I need a younger girl who acts her age.
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Postby chanta76 » December 16th, 2011, 3:51 am

Sorry to hear that you had bad experience with Korean girls. Some of my best relationship came from Korean girls but ..I 'm Korean American.

Saying's unless you dated all Korean women it's a very general statement to label all Korean people that way. It's kind of like if you read Winston exploit in Russia ..he didn't do to well with Russian woman. Does that mean all Russian women are bad? No's just your experience.

Even though I am Korean back ground I still keep an open mind to all types of women. Yes, even American women. I don't think all American women are all's really case by case. Just like women overseas. I mean I met bad Korean girls and really decent girls too.

I think you just had bad experience.
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Postby Repatriate » December 16th, 2011, 5:50 am

Having dated two Korean (Korean-Americans) before I have some insights into this. They have a lot of pressure to marry and date within the Korean community. Some Korean girls just melt down and totally disassociate themselves with Korean culture and the community entirely. The girls that I dated weren't like this but they avoided dating Koreans because of the family pressure. One of the girls I was with ended up marrying a Korean-american guy anyways.

They were definitely ice princesses when I met them and in the very beginning of the relationship. I think Korean girls just take much longer to thaw out than many other ethnicities. Koreans also have a lot of insecurity about their identity due to the history of Japanese/Chinese colonialism etc.. so there tends to be a lot of xenophobia and racism to their culture.

It's a mixed bunch though. I think there are good and bad people of all ethnicities. That sounds PC but you can't generalize too much about these things either. I've never dated a Korean from Korea so maybe that's different.
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Postby magnum » December 16th, 2011, 6:17 am

I was raging at the time, I apologize.

I should have said my experience with korean girls.

Wish I could find one honestly, the religious aspect of them makes things easier, but they seem so xenophobic and under cultural pressure that they would never date a white man, at least not openly, the one I dated was scared to death of letting anyone know she was seeing was the chinese girl actually... hmmm
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Postby chanta76 » December 18th, 2011, 3:40 am

Funny..I seen and met plenty of Asian (Korean chinese etc) that has no issues with dating inter-racially.

Now if your talking about traditional Asian girls..that's a different matter. I find that Asian girls in Asia who are more liberal tend to date out more. What I find is that some white guys really want the traditional Asian girls who are more conservative and suzy home makers than the anything else.

If your talking about the church going Korean type of girls...they tend to be the more traditional type that maybe your attracted to. Still it's like me saying all white girls don't like Asian men ..or that my experience dating white women are horrible and that white women are racist and hate asian men.

Is that true statement about white women? No. I have friends who dated white girls and are doing OK. And I do see sometimes Asian guys with white girls.

Is the same with Korean girls. Perhaps your experience hasn't been good. It's the same with me with white women. I never been good with white girls but does that mean that I can never be successful with a white women?
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