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What's it really like to live in Africa or Asia?

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What's it really like to live in Africa or Asia?

Postby zboy1 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:02 am

Join the conversation and read about people's opinion and comments about the topic of living in Asia or Africa:

What Is It Really Like to Live in Africa?

http://internationalschoolsreviewdiscus ... in-africa/

What’s It Really Like to Live in Asia?

http://internationalschoolsreviewdiscus ... e-in-asia/
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Postby Jester » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:34 am

Nice posts. A lot of this important stuff gets overlooked when all we talk about is women.
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Postby lone_yakuza » Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:14 am

Many of the commenters are complete idiots. They talk about "you can't live as good a life there if you don't speak English."

Well, no shit, Sherlock.

If you don't speak Japanese or read or write it, don't expect to be treated like anything but a gaijin. Just like in America, if you speak broken English, you are also treated badly.

These self-entitled American and western idiots who think the whole world should bow down and speak English and have English signs for them. Classic western imperialist colonialist thought process.

Just like how most western (anglo white caucasian) men think that East Asian women are their property. How'd they like it if East Asian males waltzed into America or Europe and grabbed a female and acted like he was the owner of all white women. That's exactly how they act but vice versa. They need a goddamned reality check and learn some fuciking humility.

They are complaining about "not being a part of the family" when Asian Americans, especially East Asian American Males in the USA are treated like shit, as foreigners, and socially outcast, even if, like me, we were born in the USA and grew up here and speak English better than most white people.

They as westerners withe entitlement issues in East Asia should be glad that hardcore nationalists are not lynching them or encouraging everyone to throw racial slurs at them. They are treated sometimes better than locals simply because they are white and they do not even speak the Asian language. I think Asians need to stop this self-hatred and white/western worshiping bullcrap and have some f***ing dignity. What gives westerners the entitlement to be treated better than an Asian in East Asia?
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Postby xiongmao » Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:58 am

Some good comments. I also think visiting Japan is better than living there.

I'm looking forward to living in China, if something sucks then it's just part of the experience. Well I'm on my 3rd attempt to get a visa now, so I know the paperwork sucks. Also my friend couldn't get a train visit to go home for new year, so that also sucks.
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