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What an American man married to a Dutch woman told me

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What an American man married to a Dutch woman told me

Post by jrigole » August 22nd, 2013, 9:47 pm

What an American man who is married to a Dutch woman in the United States told me.

I have had American man explain this to me who was married to a Dutch woman for more than 30 years. He always refers to his US born and raised daughter as a European not an American and hates American women. He has a better relationship with his daughter than most Americans have and can thank his Dutch wife for that. His Dutch wife’s three European brothers married American women and all three American women divorced them, interfered with there parental rights moved out of state and made them pay child support in the corrupt US family court system. The only way to get child support in the USA is to drive the fathers out there children’s lives and that is why most American women do this. He explained to his American son & me a European man that if you do not want to deal with those ugly divorces and participate in Glenn Sacks Internet Archive Wayback Machine version director of (Fathers & Families Internet Archive Wayback Machine version) and his Have Anti-Father Family Court Policies Led to a Men’s Marriage Strike Internet Archive Wayback Machine version, than you must stay away from American women and stick to European women. His daughter married an Italian national and his grand son that he sees every day is raised Italian. It is very rare to find an Italian/European man marry an American women. This is how it usually goes if an American man were to marry a European woman. This is because a European woman raises her American children the same way she was raised and make sure they comply with the official Euro requirement.

The same American man who was raised by Dutch/European parents confirms that this story is usually correct. Most girls who are born in the United States that have a European born mother have a better relationship with there European mother and are better behaved than most girls who have an American mother and have the skills to live in Europe as easily as there European mother can. They can usually be equally be trusted as their European born mother. This is why it is very common to find European man marry US born women who are raised by European born mothers.

This is because a European born mother raises her American daughter/son the same way she is raised. This is because European born mothers expects her American daughter/son to have the skills to live in Europe (be trusted), as easily as she can, and do not tolerate that they behave like Americans and have American mentality. She would expect the same for her grand children. Her daughter in this case married an Italian man. Her grand son is raised by an Italian born man and speaks Italian.

The same American who was raised by European parents told me that if an American man has US born daughter/son with a European born women he will generally have a better relationship with his daughter/son and they would generally better behaved than most American man who have a daughter/son with an American women. But if his daughter/son were to visit Europe, most people in Europe would think they are born in Europe/Netherlands and behave like a European not American, even if they are born in the United States. They should also have the skills to live and work in Europe just like their European born mother and it should be impossible to tell that they are born in the United States other than the fact they speak English with an American accent. For example an American man married a Belgium women, his two sons that are born in the United States speak Dutch and have Belgium passports. When his two American sons (born in the USA) walk the streets in Belgium and speak Dutch every body thinks they are born in Belgium and it should be impossible to tell that they are born in the United States based on the way they are raised and behave and still have European mentality. This would apply to male and female children, who are born and raised in the United States by European born mothers. The children of Tiger Woods are a primary example of this. This American knows why Tiger Woods has two children with a European born woman, not an American woman.

The same American knows several American man that are married to European women that also find any American women a piece of crap that an average European considers a piece of crap and hate American women. It is very common to find American men that are married to European born women that hate American women. Many US born girls who are raised by a European born mothers have the same negative opinion of American women as their European born mother have. The same Americans says that it was very dumb for those three European men to marry American women. European man in the United States should only marry European women, and European women should only marry European man. The only problem is that it is very difficult to find European women in the United States. You have to go to Europe to find European women.

I'm an American Citizen but my parent's are European, I was born in America, but I was raised as I would be if I lived in Europe. So. You decide. Americans who are raised by European parents get some thing extra from our European parents 100 percent because of our upbringing that Americans who are raised by American parents do not get. That is that when we walk the streets in Europe every body thinks we are born in Europe we can behave like a typical European speak our parents native language (some only speak English) just as easily as our European parents can (still have European mentality) and it is impossible to tell that we are born in the United States and that we are Americans. It would appear that we are born in Europe not the United States even if we are born in the United States. When I visit Europe and speak English every body in Europe thinks I was born in the Netherlands, but I was born in the United States and have lived my entire live I the United States. My mother was born in the Netherlands. Eastern women who hate American women/men think that I was born in the Netherlands, and this is the only reason why they like me. This is 100 percent because of the way I is raised by my Dutch (the Netherlands) born mother when I was an infant/toddler/child. This applies to both male and female children/adults who are raised by Dutch (the Netherlands) born mothers.

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Post by Robert77 » September 12th, 2013, 3:05 pm

dutch women are quite shitty, not only rather unattractive on average, but holland is a cradle of western feminism!! but dutch women dont have the inflated egos american women have so its a big plus in their favor!
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