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Ten Pointers for Ladies Looking for a Foreign Man Online

Ask questions and get advice. Disclaimer: Any advice you take here is at your own risk. We are not liable for any consequences you might incur from following advice here. Note: Before posting your question, do a search for it in the Google Search box at the top to see if it's been addressed.

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Post by Ghost » September 8th, 2013, 3:40 pm

Don't be picky and roll out a laundry list. You will rightfully be ignored when competing with nice, reasonable women.
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Post by Banano » September 8th, 2013, 5:42 pm

Why would QUALITY woman spend her time online looking for foreign man?

Local men bad??Foreigners good?

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Post by ladislav » September 8th, 2013, 6:33 pm

Banano wrote:Why would QUALITY woman spend her time online looking for foreign man?

Local men bad??Foreigners good?
1) Not enough quality local men around because of demographics- most are married or have 1-5 gf's. This is a situation in small town Russia. The opposite of the US where you can be a quality man but there are just not enough good women to match you around.

2) Local prejudices which are very unfair. You can be of some ethnic background that the local men do not like. My mother had a problem like that. College educated and beautiful but local guys just would not court her- wrong ethnic background. Some countries are VERY intolerant.

3) An unfair society and men that treat women bad overall as a culture. She wants a man who would treat her better.

4) In spite of being " quality", the local economy is not "quality" .

Incidentally, in case of Thailand, the country is not poor, there are plenty of good local guys and the economy is doing well.

But in case of the Philippines, things are much more complicated, same in Russia.
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Post by Winston » September 8th, 2013, 9:04 pm

Thanks Ladislav. I will post this in the Ladies Forum too. And maybe on the FAQ threads page.
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Post by Hero » September 15th, 2013, 3:53 pm

I really have to reiterate the "don't be silent" rule. I'm chatting with some absolutely gorgeous Latin American women who simply can't hold up their end of the conversation, even in their own language! It makes me wonder if they're really interested in me. But if they're not, why did they give me their contact information in the first place?

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