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Girl from Nantong

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Girl from Nantong

Post by RedMenace » December 26th, 2013, 11:45 am

I noticed the first time I met her which was a week or two ago that she had this big smile on her face. She is 23(probably 22) and Unlike all the other girls I met at the hostel I stayed at always had a big ass smile when she saw me. I bought a long range laser pointer which she asked questions about. I told her you could light a match with it. Unknown to me, she went out of her way to bring me a box of match a few days later. I knew something was up. A few days after she invited me to a KTV karaoke but I couldn't make it cause I was at the house of the other female I came to China to meet. I rarely saw her so I was waiting to ask her for her wechat before I left the hostel. I still didn't see her so I asked one of the guys I shared a room with to tell her to add me on wechat. She asked who I was and if I was the "laser boy" which I find funny. So me lately with my "not giving a f**k" mood decided to ask her to have lunch. She was jolly about it and asked me if I wanted to come to her yoga lesson after we are done. So I agreed and we agreed to meet at 11 in the hostel. I went there today and was freaking shocked. She had been asking my room mates about me, when I wake up, what I like e.t.c. Lol I was like wtf. She gave me a scarf as a present(I will get her flowers next time since I was unexpecting her actions). We proceeded to the restaurant and I noticed she was walking so damn close to me sometimes bumping into me. She would come really close to me and pull my arm when a car was behind us. She is okay looks wise and quite intelligent. We arrived at the restaurant and she ordered some food. Whenever I was speaking to her, I noticed she would bend and lower her head with a big smile on her face. She laughs at everything I say lol. wtf. So after the dinner we went to the yoga lesson which I am going to write an article about the sexual nature of yoga. The lesson was bullshit but it tired me out. Before the lesson started we had to wait for 2 hrs. So naturally we began to chat. She asks me if I have a girlfriend and I said no. I found out she hasn't had a boyfriend (probably a virgin) and says mainland Chinese guys don't want women who have ambitions. I don't have long in Shanghai but the fact that she already likes me and says I am "cool in girl's mind" and always gets super close to me when we walk makes it possible to seal the deal. She got a scholarship to Australia to study economics for 2 years and work for another 2. During the chat she says something about me visiting her there. I actually have a crush on her too. I want to seal the deal with her before I leave but I am not sure whether 4 days is too short of a time to sleep with a girl who clearly likes you. Do you guys think I should do that or just take things slow and visit her in Australia? If the former, should I give her a day before asking for another meetup? I would have some drinks with her (to lower the inhibitions) before inviting her to "watch a film" or some other bullshit at my hotel. :wink:

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