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25 min wage worker need a cheaap place?

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25 min wage worker need a cheaap place?

Postby Deformed » Sat Jan 18, 2014 5:56 am

My rent is $1000 a month

I work at a grocery store for only 10 bucks an hour, which is 1600 a month. As for why the heck im still working a crap job at 25, I have a host of learning disabilities including ADD meaning highschool was virtually impossible for me. although I studied my ass off, my grades were a D average. Plus I failed math twice and English once. got a c in science. As for colleges, only artsey courses accepted me. native American woodcrafting, paining, drawing etc....

I really only make about 200 a month after food, electricity, bills, crap like that, taking the bus. but now since ive bin saving hard, I can rack up 350 a month if I'm religious about it. here's what ive added to my regimen of saving,

-for food, I've been dumpster for my calorie needs. I mainly find stale bread. as for nutrition, I buy vegetables. so I cook up vegies and just eat the bread with the veggies. on months where im energized, I can get most of my energy needs by being freegan but some months I have to buy noodles cuz im just too tired.
-electricity, I just use to cook, bathe and charge my phone. browsing the web can be done at a library. I never turn on the heater ever.
-for transit I sneak on the bus, and when I see the transit cops at the next stop I just say something like I just really have to take the number 15 over there! im late for an interview. never bin caught.
-for friends I don't really have any so its a big saver in itself

and that pretty much sums it up. accept im looking for a cheap place. IDC if it is infested with mice and only offers a wooden plank to sleep on. It just needs to supply one basic need: an address so I don't lose my job.

I forgot to add, I have $3000 in my savings now
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