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New, Questions about living abroad.

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New, Questions about living abroad.

Postby ChemistJ » Fri Jan 24, 2014 4:39 am

Hello, I am new to the forum, but I am a very frequent lurker.

I am tired of living in this dystopian feminist nightmare state of Canada. Since I have some time off school Im looking into travelling for a bit, to see if I can actually be happier abroad.

I have my life savings of about 20k but Im so depressed Im at the point I want to spend it if I can have the opportunity to be happier abroad. I notice the general consensues on this board is that Phillipines is the best destination. Ive been with a great fillipina, and I have fillipino friends I love there hospitality.

however my friend is travelling to Brazil, I am going to see If I can tag along with him, since I am young and new to travel I dont think I should just go somewhere alone right now, also he speaks Portuguese and I don't. What is the opinion on Brazil, Ive heard conflicting information. Any advice for a novice traveler.

Another choice is Russia, My Grandparents told me that If I go they will connect me with some cousins in Moscow, so at least If I go there I will have some support, and I will improve the language more quickly. Does anybody have some tips for a trip to Russia?

Another thing I ask Is what in peoples experience here is the best way to learn or improve a lamguage. Ive heard good things about Pimsleur. Does anybody have any success with Pimsleur?

Im glad to have recognized how toxic it is here well young. I sometimes can make impulsive decsions. I want to do my research so I can truly be happier abroad
I've always been different, ever since I can remember. Ive always been an honest, decent guy but in this culture that is a liability. On the flip I tend to have an anger problem. Im 5'4, 145 lbs, a little more on the muscular side, and my background is Russian and Polish Jewish. The irony my family left those countries to find better opportunities for there kids and now I consider returning...
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