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$200,000 saved up - where should I go?

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Postby Hero » February 13th, 2014, 3:38 am

Wow, Boxman, you have a great adventure ahead of you! It sounds like these are the worst of times and the best of times for you. Like the song says, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Whatever happens, enjoy the ride. And count yourself fortunate - not many guys have the options that you have.
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Re: $200,000 saved up - where should I go?

Postby PeterAndrewNolan » February 13th, 2014, 2:32 pm

Boxman wrote:A broken marriage, an unhappy job, the death of my mother and a series of failed relationships since my divorce have brought me to this. I'm leaving this place (the United States) to start over abroad. There's nothing for me here anymore. My only hope is to start over, in a completely different place so that I can build a completely new life.

I may have ended up 45 and childless, with no real family or friends left, and nothing keeping me rooted to this place... but one thing I did end up with is money. I was never materialistic and always tended to save and invest my extra money, a habit that has left me with over $200,000 in cash and several rental properties bringing in about $2000/month (average net profit - month to month it varies pretty wildly). I can hire a property management company to handle my rental units but that will lower my average monthly income to around $1500 or less.

I dream of quitting my job and settling down somewhere far away, to live off my $200k nest egg and my rental income. Where would be the best place to stretch my dollar but still have access to attractive women that speak a little english? I'm open to the possibilities and haven't my heart set on any one place. I have loved all kinds of women in my life... no hangups about race or anything. I just like my women feminine, loyal and sweet.

So gents if you had $200k and some modest monthly income, where would you go?

PS: If it's relevant, I'm white, still have all my hair, slightly above average height, and in ok shape (not fat, not ripped either).

I would head to eastern europe myself....but then again I am already here. Romania is good but I do not know if they will take you.

You can also go to south east asia.

If you want to set up in Fiji we now sell all the services to resettle there. There are worse places to live than Fiji. Mr Emosi and I decided we are going to show men some leadership by example as to how to support mens rights via creating useful businesses. Mr. Emosi is well connected to the Fiji Government and we have the full support of the government in what we are doing in Fiji. One of the few places in the world where the government is openly working with the men in the mens rights area.
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Postby SilverEnergy » February 13th, 2014, 4:49 pm

HouseMD wrote:If you want to safely never work again, I'd be careful tapping your nest egg any more than you have to. Realistically, I'd pull 4% out a year and leave the rest invested, while relying primarily on your properties for income. You won't be able to manage your own property realistically, so you're going to need a management company. This gives you $8,000/year in drawdown from your nest egg, and $1,500 a month from your properties, for a total of $2,166.66 per month to live off of, more than enough for most of SEA or SA.

I am a pro-real estate person myself.

Hardly anyone on this website besides you even loves real estate investing.

The OP could definitely invest in real estate and just live off his cash flow because he needs to save and invest wisely the rest of it.

He should invest in real estate, gold, silver, water storages and food storages.
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