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Best countries for Mediterranean men?

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Best countries for Mediterranean men?

Post by theprimebait » February 6th, 2014, 12:05 am

Okey I wanted to write this because I've seen other race's men with these threads and I wanted to make one helping darker white men similar to those informative threads,

so we know that Asian males kill it in Latin America and among K-pop fans,SE Asians and weaboos.

We know black guys kill it in Western europe and scandinavia aswell as Japan,and among women into certain subcultures like Rasta and Rap-hip hop.

We know white guys kill it in Asia and Peru etc

oke so every race pretty much has a top position in the hierarchy in certain places.some races like goodlooking white males pretty much have universal appeal but may not be ''prefered''in other places but STILL not undesirable either.

So where do Mediterranean looking men kill it and where are they most desired?

Meds including everything from French,croatian,serbian,spanish,to Syrians,Turks,Israel and more spanish looking Latinos,I include dark Ukranians into this aswell and also Romanians etc.

I know Sweden is pretty good,and scandi in General,any places besides nordic women?

how is asia and latin america for Med men?I know a Med man isn't undesirable anywhere really(except australia and Kiwiland),and I know goodlooking meds have universal appeal,but is there anywhere where they are the topdogs instead of just being acceptable ?

Do we have any niches where we have a fetishized position(like black guys in hip hop,and asian guys and k-pop)?

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Post by AdmiralOfBlacks » February 14th, 2014, 9:36 pm

Black men kill it? Only thing that Black men kill is ourselves. Black dudes don't get laid in Japan or the West unless it's by overweight ugly chicks.

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Post by zboy1 » February 15th, 2014, 10:29 am

AdmiralOfBlacks wrote:Black men kill it? Only thing that Black men kill is ourselves. Black dudes don't get laid in Japan or the West unless it's by overweight ugly chicks.
Can you say troll? LOL!

Thank goodness I banned his ass...

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Post by SilverEnergy » February 15th, 2014, 10:49 pm

Northern European women for all types of Mediteranean men in general.

If we are talking about the sub-group of Italian men, then I know that American white women love Italian men.
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Post by starchild5 » February 16th, 2014, 3:36 pm

Philippines. Philippines is very high and it has gone beyond Age, Religion, Race crap that plague humanity.....

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern men kill it in Philippines like other nationalities.

....You mentioned, latin America for Asians, Europe for blacks, white for all...but freaking Philippines is soo f***ing out there that every guy on planet earth become like a king there....

Its incredible ....I'm Indian and never gotten laid anywhere or got much going except being accepted in Philippines for what I'm....and thats says a we Indians are generally the least datable kind on earth :)

Winston traveled all over the world and he had written so much about Philippines than any other country...His wife is a Filipina....Imagine that he spend all his life in America miserable but got his life on a island across the pacific

Every other country that will ever be best for Mediterranean Men will always be second to Philippines same like for Blacks, Whites, Indians.....Its a Mens PARADISE...

Not even Hollywood could come up with a better script for single men than Philippines..It should be a chapter in every mans life..sure, it has problems too as winston mentions but still man....The things it can do for men as a gender, humanity as a species ...Its beyond earth...

There is some energy in there...I did some digging on it...and Philippines, Indonesia was the old Sundaland...The Real Atlantis....There is something there man...Its impossible otherwise for an Indian guy who was let down by its own kind and every other women kind on earth and just stepping into Philippines changed his life for ever..people say its money...but even with money i couldn't go so far anywhere...

Even Sex is only part of it..Its the whole package a man wants....Its the incredible ENERGY that this place has that make you a MAN...Every man on earth needs that energy

Mediterranean, White, Black, Korean, Japanese, Indian all must visit Philippines once in their life...Philippines is an Alien Planet you must go once...

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