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Why is it that women have all these expectations?

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Why is it that women have all these expectations?

Postby TruthOrConsequences » April 13th, 2015, 5:36 am

I don't really want to make this into an angry type of rant, but why is it that when you meet up with American girls or women, why is it that they always expect you to speak up and do the majority of the talking? Nevertheless, most of them seem to think that conversing and getting them interested should be entirely on you. It's as if someone told them to just sit back and let the men do all the work. I think it's entirely preposterous that women expect of men to do all the chasing and everything else, because in their words "nature has dictated it to be that way". I simply think that women have all come to be very gossipy and judgmental, and that's exactly why most of us men are turning against them and away from them.

Or why is it that it is expected of you to know how to handle them women and have had some experience romancing women? Why do they just automatically assume that those are the things you should be familiar with, in light of them always acting all bitchy and defensive?
Why is it that a man should have to pay for everything? How is it that is always on a male to be able to afford everything? Why is it that women have all these unrealistic expectations of men and seem to think like we ought to do 95% of the work, when it comes to chasing them and getting them interested?? Ahh?? I don't understand!!
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Re: Why is it that women have all these expectations?

Postby MrSuperstar567 » May 14th, 2015, 4:20 am

This needs to be addressed. I don't have the answer but I want to breath life into this thread. I don't think it 's ALL American women.......I know people have their share of problems but I don't think saying ALL American women are like that.
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