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About being happier abroad?

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About being happier abroad?

Post by chanta76 » October 11th, 2015, 8:41 pm

I know this site is advocating for men to travel or live overseas if they can and well the biggest reason why guys are not doing it is because for some guys they maybe happy where ever they are. That includes America. Honestly do you think all American men are unhappy here but let say in your case your not.

What holds guys back from traveling abroad? Cost would be big one or responsibility like taking care of someone or something.

But this got me thinking. Is this a bandage to the problem? What I mean is that over the years I traveled to South Korea I notice how South Korea is becoming and more like America. It;s like the American influence is inevitable for many other countries. So let say your favorite country whatever it is eventually someday will be more and more like America. What do you do than? Just move to another country and keep moving?

Isn't that just running away from a problem? I understand that bulk of guys who go overseas do it for whatever reasons maybe they do it for sex tourism or maybe looking for a peaceful life..who knows.. but eventually someday that country will be like America. What do you do?

At the same time are we just selfish.? I notice allot of happier abroad posters or men in MGTOW are just worried about themselves and careless about other people. Its like maybe being bitter or who knows what made them this way.

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Re: About being happier abroad?

Post by The_Adventurer » October 12th, 2015, 6:37 am

The problem, as I see it, is that too many people make their life all about women. The moment you (not meaning you specifically) make women a requirement to your own personal happiness, you are setting yourself up for a world of hassles. A man should be getting his life in order, finding the things he needs to meet his life goals and, if necessary, traveling to accomplish them. If after creating a worthwhile life for himself, the man finds a woman to join him in his journey, that should be considered a bonus.

For me, personally, South Korea has many things that I want. I am very into technology. Japan is similar. If I can go there and get those things I want, and make use of those things to make my own life better, the place can feminise all it wants. It won't affect my goals or actions. I'd be far more concerned about something like this Tokyo governor trying to ban violent or sexual anime, which is what I happen to draw, than feminism creeping in.

When I came to China, the government was very serious about the animation industry. They wanted to build something to rival Japan and the government was throwing millions at studios and startups to reach this end. That attractive to me and my purposes. Now they are not so into it, and they are even taking down anime from legit streaming sites, claiming it to be too violent or overly sexual. That makes me less interested in remaining here. Add to that the visa hassles and crappy internet and you get the picture. Am I, therefore, running away from the problem? It's not my battle to fight when I can go to a place that has better support for artists and an animation industry. You go to where the opportunity is.

When I was in America, I had a six figure job working in movies, had a nice convertible car, and all the tools I could desire to create. Feminism wasn't bothering me. The cost of living, needing to drive everywhere and the lack of freedom was killing me though. I went abroad because I thought that I could escape all that and live cheaply on my meagre website income in the Philippines. I could be free.

In the book How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, the author talks a lot about how you only have true power when taking actions that depend solely on your decision. You're not going to change the world or other people. You can't fight against the world and expect to win.

We all know that if the place where you live was nearing holocaust bad, you would pack up and leave. So the question becomes where do you draw the line, between true peace and happiness to holocaust bad, that is the point at which it is okay, or even advisable, to leave?
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Post by Ghost » October 12th, 2015, 6:40 am

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Re: About being happier abroad?

Post by chanta76 » October 13th, 2015, 12:23 am


I notice as South Korea became more and more develop it became more and more like the west. The women there became more and more independent. Maybe not as bad as American women but in case by case basis some are pretty bad. I think with the Philippines there is such a underclass that just surviving is more important to them than women rights. Its as if once a country becomes economically develop and stable in a way that where women rights pick off. Cultural Asian culture and the west is different but if you see the young generation they grew up with heavy western influence.

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