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How long does it take to process US tourist visa

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Re: How long does it take to process US tourist visa

Post by Horahngee » May 4th, 2018, 6:20 pm

LFL wrote:
April 21st, 2018, 12:29 pm

Well, it seems you have outsmarted the U.S. Government and you have everything figured out... unless, of course, they have the ability to search on her or you and the system retrieves that previous application with false information. But you're probably right, that seems beyond the capability of the most powerful country in the world. On the other hand, you didn't ask the immigration attorney this question ?
I did not know much about filling out the US Tourist visa application online.

I did hear that if an applicant, esp. from the Philippines has no job / is unemployed, then the attorney told me that it is hard for the applicant to get a tourist visa.

But we'll see. I still have hopes for my GF to come here to visit. We are still waiting, because she still has to renew her Philippines passport at the end of this month. That first, then she will fill out her own US tourist visa application online.

Pray for me!

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Re: How long does it take to process US tourist visa

Post by Horahngee » May 4th, 2018, 8:10 pm

Master wrote:
April 21st, 2018, 11:38 pm

Something tells me shes not for you.
Why is Grace not for me? I really love her, and she also loves me. We send text messages every day to each other, and I call her up once every three to four days since there is a huge time difference between the US West Coast and the Philippines.
If your mother doesnt want you to go to a third world country then you shouldnt marry a third world girl either.
If you have read my original story, it was my mom who asked one of her hair salon clients, a Filipina lady, if she knew of any single girls. The Filipina client then told my mom that she knew her husband's brother's wife's brother's daughter (who happens to be Grace) who is single, and lives in the Philippines. I then visited my homestate for a week, where Grace's aunty lives, along with the Filipina lady client.

My mom and I paid a visit to Grace's aunty's house to meet with her, and to get to know Grace and her family more. From that day on, is when I started to chat via Messenger with Grace.....but not on a daily basis.

At that time though, I was in a distant relationship with "J"...also a Filipina, living in the Philippines. This was the girl introduced to me by "L" at my previous department I used to work in.

Fast forward to January of this year, I decided to pay a visit to see Grace and her family...stayed there for a week. When I returned to the US, Grace's sister posted pictures of me and Grace on her facebook page.

"L" 's friend, also a friend of "J" found out and notified "L" and "J" about me being in the Philippines and the photos of me with Grace.

I should have broken up with "J".....but I did not know much about Grace and how much more humble Grace is, compared to "J" (I have not met J face-to-face, but she was always demanding with her text messages "where are you? What are you eating right now?"....soooo nosy).
Hence, i held on to "J" because i did not know if I was going to like Grace.

The hoopla between "J" and "L" trying to talk trash about me to Grace and Grace's older sister is what made my mom totally change her mind, and my mom going a complete 180 about-face, where she wanted me to not be with Grace. She basically wanted me to stay away from "All Filipina's" after that incident.

Hence, my mom tried her best to find me a Korean girl. But shit, how many Korean girls have I been introduced to in the past?
It's like Winston and him having difficulties with Taiwanese girls.

I have been introduced to many Korean girls, studying abroad here in the US, or working here in the US, who have mainly stopped talking to me via text messages, stopped responding to my messages, or I was the one who was always initiating the talk or sending text messages, so I for these certain Korean girls I said "heck, let's see if I stop sending these girls messages, and if they initiate a text message to me?" messages from these Korean girls at all.

And the update to the Korean girl that my mom recently tried to get me to get engaged to. She ended up changing her mind, and did not want to immigrate to the US! Hahahaha!

It was a blessing in disguise! The Korean girl told my mom's friend's cousin in Korea that she liked her current job in Korea, and if she were to marry me and immigrate to the US, she would be away from her circle of friends and her parents. Hence, she ended up breaking up with me, which was awesome news!
The decision of the Korean girl really upset my mom, where my mom even sent the Korean girl nasty text messages via Kakao talk, telling her that her job in Korea is a "garbage job" and that she would not even be successful living in the US.

So for now, I AM, yes, I AM going back to the Philippines to see Grace and get engaged to her this summer! Praise the Lord! Woo hooo!!!!!

Money isnt everything. At a certain point if you really like the girl. You'll live dead broke in a dump if necessary. Ive done it. Its a lot of fun.
No it's not. You don't want the girl to come to the US and suffer here. I will live dead broke...okay. But for the girl to live dead broke,...she will eventually leave me in that kind of situation.

And no, I'm not open to immigrating to the Philippines to work there.

I want my future wife, Grace, to live comfortably with me. I want to live in a house where we can raise our family.

In order to get a house or a condo, I need some "financial backing" from my mom, who controls the money in the family.

Since Korean girl is now out of the picture, my mom has no other avenues to turn to, but to accept the fact that Grace will now by my girlfriend, and soon-to-be fiance!

If you make good money why mix up with a phillipine and not an american?
I make a decent living. But not "good" money where I can buy a condo or a house. I need a large savings and large sum of money to pay for downpayment to purchase a house or a condo.

hence, I need my mom's support in order to purchase a property so that I can live with my future wife.

there are plenty of good phillipines, asians, and others in the US.
Oh bullshit!!!

I have been introduced to so many girls, I have paid thousands of dollars for professional match-making company back in Hawaii to pair me up with Japanese foreign girls, and to no luck, none of them wanted to be in a relationship with me. NONE!

I have been to many Korean churches back in Hawaii, only to have the girls friend zone me, or ghost out on me by not sending me responses to my text messages, or blocking me on Kakao talk because she was too chicken shit to be candid and say that she was not interested in continuing a relationship with me (Is it that hard to do? *shakes head at these kind of girls*).

I have learned from my meet-ups with 20-something Korean girls, this includes Korean-American girls, that they are all flakes! So I give up on them. Plus I am mixed Japanese, so it's a big turn off to Korean girls, especially the ones with the more conservative-minded parents.

Seriously, fukk the US and the girls here!!

I have tried Coffee Meets Bagel,, E-harmony, Tinder and Bumble Bee. yes, I have been able to receive message responses from other girls, and also meet up for a face-to-face date at a coffee shop.

I even was able to pursue more date meetings after an initial coffee face-to-face date with some of these girls.

However, they all eventually either ghosted/flaked out on me, stopped responding to my text messages, or in rare instances, I was not interested in that girl.

So no! Do not ever suggest to me that I find a girl, regardless of race or ethnicity, here in the US.

I even work in a female-predominant profession, and all the girls are either married, in a relationship, or divorced with one or two kids, or aren't interested in a non-white male.

I would probably still be going into my 40's, wasting my time and money meeting girls from E-harmony or (and other useless dating apps), getting NOWHERE in my dating life, if I did not look past the borders of the US to find a girlfriend.

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