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Chatting whit 39 YO Single Filipina, Confused

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Chatting whit 39 YO Single Filipina, Confused

Post by moonunit0103 » November 11th, 2018, 5:23 pm


I found a lady on DIA that is 39 years old, has a degree, family is educated, and seems like someone I would be interested in, but keep getting weird vibes from her. She has never been married, but must have been a kept woman to a wealthy Chinese man at some point, and mentions jetsetting, and hobnobbing with the rich and famous. She mentioned that she still has things in Manila, despite stating she hasn't lived there for years, and seems to be stuck on this man. She left Manilla several years ago to care for her sick mother who has since passed, and is living in the family home in Leyte, no job. She is watching a "nephew" whose father works for the airlines in Middle East. She said she wants kids (baby rabies), but at almost 40, I don't want any retarded kids, and her eggs are getting stale.

She has sent me video, but will not let me see her face close up. And when I ask for photos, they are too far to see details or she has sunglasses on. She sent me about 10 photos, and before I could thank her, made a comment about me not thanking her, then deleted the photos. I have not asked for nudes, so I am confused. Usually a man ask for photos should be taken as a compliment, right?

I mentioned to her my divorces and kids, she really acted strange, that she didn't want to know my past, and acted irate that I was anything but celibate. She also complained about my DIA account, like she was jealous of my looking at other women. I have read that that is typical for a Filipina, but she seems to make insinuations and get angry. DRAMA QUEEN?

This is my first trip overseas, and Henry on Reekay suggested not even contacting women until in country. These women seem to be crazy jealous or after a few chats, start hinting for money. The gal I have spoke with has not asked for a peso, and we have chatted for maybe 10 days.

What's to make of her? What I am getting is good, then crazy vibes from her.

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Re: Chatting whit 39 YO Single Filipina, Confused

Post by LFL » November 11th, 2018, 8:08 pm

Move on.

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Re: Chatting whit 39 YO Single Filipina, Confused

Post by Zambales » November 11th, 2018, 11:42 pm

Speaking from experience, a woman who gives off uncomfortable or confusing vibes is best left well alone.

Her behaviour with the photo's could mean a few things. She doesn't want to be recognized is one. Perhaps she's already in a relationship or she could be famous in Philippine circles. Another possibility is that she's hiding something that she regards as ugly. Maybe a birthmark.

I dated a Filipina once who was very paranoid about a scar on her LEG. Eventually she showed me it and from my perspective it was such a trivial issue because the scar wasn't at all bad.

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Re: Chatting whit 39 YO Single Filipina, Confused

Post by redfeather » November 12th, 2018, 12:26 am

These guys are giving you good advise. I have found that the educated filipina women are not a good fit for me this is mainly because they have become too westernized and too materialistic for a woman that I want to be in a relationship with. I was chatting with a woman with a masters degree that works for Microsoft in Manila, but she was too materialistic and just a little to chubby for my tastes. As I posted earlier my close Army friends have advised me to stick to the southern Philippines in search of a mate, so this is what I have done. I do not need some super educated woman to be in a relationship with, and I prefer a woman that smiles and is happy and joyful and just all around fun to be with. I was married to a female dentist before and she and many of her friends were on depression meds and it is terrible to be stuck and trapped in a marriage with these female zombies. So, even when I was married to a dentist we never had these deep intellectual conversations...and at this stage in my life I would way rather have a smiling and cheerful and joyful woman in my life. Each person has to figure out what they want in a partner at their particular stage in life. I also found that many of the educated women had live in maids, and gardeners, and nanny's...and they had so much outside help that they were spoiled and would not do much for themselves meaning they are not the right fit for who I am looking for. So, just keep some of these tips in mind as you conduct your search. Please keep us posted on your results because this HA is also for mentoring others along their journey.

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