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Socially awkward in America, help!!!!!

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Socially awkward in America, help!!!!!

Postby picasso25 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:02 am

when I was younger I tended to be a loner because I was shy, introverted and lacked social skills, I've gotten a tiny bit better as I've gotten older, just because I've recognized the "correct way" or american way to act with the average american, but this unfortuantely makes me feel like a actor just saying lines to "fit in", this unfortuantely makes me conform to a life as a loner because I refused to carry myself with a inflated ego just for the sake of people saying you have a personality. This culture disgust me and I find it at war with me and my values, because I believe friendships should be like the kind Winston talks about in his experience overseas, where there is brotherly comraderie. This culture pushes to be more withdrawn, though I hate being withdrawn, because there is a part of me thats wants to connect with people. Right now, I'm planning to either teach overseas or start a business and save up enough to stay overseas for a while, My question is until I'm able to go overseas, does anybody have any ideas on how a person can find friends and remain emotionally and mentally healthy while in such a isolated place such as the U.S.?
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Postby jamesbond » Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:42 am

Hey, picasso25, one of the things I did to make some friends was to join a few "Meetup" groups. Here is their website:
They have a LOT of interesting subject matters that a person can join. Just type in your city or zip code and then type in a subject matter your interested in and you should find some stuff you like.

You also might want to join some "Wingman" groups which are groups of guys who get together with the idea of helping each other become better at meeting women. I don't know what city you live in but just type in "wingman" and then the city you live close to and you should get some hits.

Also, taking college classes at a local community college or four year college might help you meet some people. I took an acting class and a class dealing with the paranormal and met some interesting people. Cooking classes are supposed to be good classes to meet women as well as yoga classes and dance classes. A guy I know made some friends and met a woman taking a golf class.

Your right, this culture in America is screwed up, there are so many lonely people in America, it's really sad! After I graduated from college and moved out on my own, I saw just how incredibly lonely it is living in America! No wonder why the US has such a high rate of suicide and mental illness, people are so isolated and alone, it's sad.
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Postby Winston » Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:30 am

I went to some meetup groups before. They are nice, but almost everyone in them are either fat or nerds/geeks. Unattractive in other words.

Picasso, you posted the same message in three boards already. Can you just stick to one please?

I responded to your other two already. Check them out.
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