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Advice: Find A Country That Will Love You Back

Ask questions and get advice. Disclaimer: Any advice you take here is at your own risk. We are not liable for any consequences you might incur from following advice here. Note: Before posting your question, do a search for it in the Google Search box at the top to see if it's been addressed.

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Advice: Find A Country That Will Love You Back

Post by Winston » November 10th, 2007, 12:39 pm

From my cultural consultant: ... .php?t=491

You Love the Country But Will It Love You?

Some people who are interested in other cultures to the point of
wanting to expatriate and go to another country to live, need to keep
one thing in mind and ask themselves this question: "Will the country
love you the way you love it?" Prejudice against certain groups is
very strong in some parts of the world. Find out how you will be
perceived in that particular nation or region, and whether you happen
to be a member of a group that is not very popular in that country.

For example, an Israeli guy who likes Italian music and culture may
not be making a wise choice when he contemplates moving to Italy long
term. Prejudice against Jews in Italy is still quite strong. He may
run into unpleasant incidents while there, and many people may not
like him.

A Canadian guy who has always enjoyed Russian music and is fond of
Russian culture and people, is contemplating a long trip to Russia. He
is hoping to make new friends and, possibly, even to meet a great
Russian woman and have a romance with her. The problem is, he is
black. Now may not be a good time for black people to go to Russia.
Skinheads are attacking people of color in many parts of the country.
Black people have been beaten, stabbed and shot at. While he may love
Russia, many people there may not like 'him'.

A Russian guy loves Cuban music. He is contemplating a trip to Cuba
and a possible relocation there. He has always been fascinated by the
sultry Cuban women, Havana cigars and, in his heart, he may even like
Fidel. However, Cuba may not be a good place for a Russian to be.
Anti-Russian propaganda is very strong there now. Since Russia became
capitalist, many Cuban people feel that they have been betrayed by the
Russians. He may feel resentment coming from a lot of people there.
Therefore, planning to go to Cuba may not be a good choice for him.

The good news is that there may be a culture similar to the culture we
like, but whose members are not nurturing a grudge against someone
like us. An Israeli guy may want to go to Uruguay instead. It is a
cosmopolitan society with not much prejudice towards the Jews. And the
culture is very similar to the Italian culture.

A black Canadian may choose Croatia or even Slovenia- a similar
culture to Russia but without much prejudice against blacks or black

A Russian may do better if he goes to a place like Brazil or even
Venezuela. People in those two countries have similar cultures to Cuba
without much prejudice or grudge against the Russians.

So, choose wisely. Do not invest time, money and energy in preparing
yourself to love a country that may not love you back. Unrequited love
hurts. It hurts even more if it is accompanied by daily frowns, a
beating or a gun shot.

If you want to expatriate, I can assure you that there is a country
just for you where you will feel at home. So do your homework,
research, ask around and you will soon find your true love which also
returns your feelings.
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