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The "Walking Dollar Sign" Fear?

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The "Walking Dollar Sign" Fear?

Post by Free » July 16th, 2010, 6:34 pm

Of course there are gold diggers all over the world, but for this discussion, let's stick to the stereotyped cases in places such as Russia, eastern Europe, southeast Asia and parts of Latin America.

It is well known there are many foreign men going to these places for women. Quite alot who have also been taken to the cleaners.

There are women who outright exchange for money, there are scammers, and there are the ones more subtle in their approach.
Obviously there are genuine relationship seekers as well.

Sure, it's very easy to go to these places as a foreign man and easily pick up the women.
But the concern is, no matter how sincere the women may seem, how do we know they just don't see a big dollar/euro sign above the heads of these men?

We're not talking here about ones wanting to go to the U.S. or elsewhere. It's been shown that many want to stay in their homelands.

But what about them looking for money for their families, or just overall wanting more in their own lives?
They may not show the need for the cash right away, and instead may be thinking of the longer term.

It can be argued obviously that many women in general are into men for the economic reasons, wherever they are in the world, but they also can be attracted to the man's individual personality, looks, etc.
How can men traveling to these other countries be sure that this almost instant interest in them by the local women is not only for the economic reasons?

Some guys don't care, as long as they are simply hooking up, but other guys would like women to be attracted to them as a person and not just for financial reasons.

What do you guys have to say?

I would like to think it's not always the case. Can you offer any words in support of this?
Can you offer words in defense of one of the common arguments presented by people against communities such as these expat men who say that the girls only want you for your money.

Personally, I've had some relationships in various other countries and the girls paid most of their own ways and yet were still really into me.
Not to toot my own horn, but I found out from them and their friends that their reason for hooking up with me is they thought I was really hot, and later really enjoyed performance in the sack.
So it's hard for me to speak of the Walking Dollar Sign issue. I also had not been with ones long enough to know if in the long run, money was the only motive.

Also, in places with such a popular industry, how do you know these seemingly normal girls that are showing a lot of interest, are not actually just more discreet working girls?
To some guys it doesn't matter, but some guys, like here at the forum, are actually looking for more typical relationships. Or at least want to be genuinely liked for them themselves and not just as a currency pipe.

Just to be clear, I still very well agree the girls in other countries are a world of a difference vs let's say the US, Canada, etc. and have had much better times elsewhere.

Writing this thread to get some insight into how others deal with this concern.
I'm sure this will help other readers as well.


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Post by Free » July 18th, 2010, 7:02 pm

I'm surprised; nobody?!

This can be quite a large issue. I'm sure someone out there has some remarks.

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Post by Enishi » July 18th, 2010, 7:14 pm

I worry about it some myself. I wonder how much of the success western men have overseas is due to the subconscious thought within the women of "oh he's a succesful western Brad Pitt, HOT!"

It makes one wonder how dynamics will change if America falls behind Asia.

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Post by Free » July 22nd, 2010, 9:01 pm


There should be more discussion about this, unless there already was and I can't find it.
It's a big topic. Why the general silence?

Winston for example, do you think a good amount of the women you've dealt with were actually just seeing dollar signs?
Certainly not jumping to conclusions as I obviously was not there, but we also have well heard the many reports, globally of men being seen for just that.

Maybe it is most of the females. Maybe it's just a stoneage innate biological thing.
Should we just always assume so, especially when in the more well-known areas for this?
Obviously women are capable of truly liking guys for who they actually are and not just for money.
But other times it's almost like bordering paying for the girlfriend experience like that whole category of men do. So then why bother trying to pursue a "normal" relationship, certain guys wonder at times.

My point is when the exploring men go to countries such as in southeast Asia, E. Europe, etc where it's known that many women look for the financial ticket in a westerner, what should they have for preparation, survival tactics, frame of mind, etc.?
Should they just assume they want you for your money, hold back cautiously, be wise, and just roll with whatever may come. They may actually like you for you and that would be of course great.

I just wonder how much of this high interest is genuine in the person and how much is for the financial ticket.
"Give me liberty or give me death" - Patrick Henry

Think Different
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Post by Think Different » July 22nd, 2010, 9:14 pm

I had a few rules of thumb, when I lived in Eastern Europe and Russia. When a girl there showed interest, I eventually let it be known that:

1) I had no money
2) I earned little to no money (and can't pay for their meals, gifts, etc).
3) I didn't plan on ever returning to my country
4) I'm not from the US, but from Canada (forgive me, my Canadian friends, but it's just true. Everyone wants to know about the US, and when I told them I'm from Canada, the frauds just walked away). BTW, don't let them ever see your passport. They might steal it, and sell it on the black market anyway.

Worked for me, and I never had trouble finding decent local girls.

Being a religious guy, I also stayed around the churches and interest groups such as outdoor enthusiasts, etc. You won't find the good ones hanging around in bars. The Russia mafia, their henchmen, and their hookers hang around in those places, and they're not just in Russia!!

Of course, in Western Europe, 99% of the women have zero interest in going to the US or becoming American, so if you can get past the liberal/secular barrier, you'll find someone who doesn't care about your money and is more interested in you as a person and having a good time.

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Post by Linc4Love » July 22nd, 2010, 9:56 pm

I worry about this too. It's one thing to ask a girl out locally, she shoots you down, no harm no foul, you move on. It's quite another to invest thousands of dollars and travel just as many miles across the globe for a girl who could end up being every bit as much the gold digger that American women are. That's why I'd rather hedge my bets, if I visit abroad, meeting a girl would be secondary, and if things didn't work out I can still enjoy the rest of my trip. I can't see myself going to Russia though just for funsies, and since I have no experience traveling abroad, I need to get some experience first before I can be comfortable going off the beaten path to areas not as tourist friendly.

RedDog, I dig your advice but the problem is, I can't lie. Well I could, but I can't lie convincingly. besides, I like my classy wardrobe and gadgetry and it would be pretty obvious I had money before long, when I'm playing on my iPad or MacBook or traveling around in a rented Mercedes. Mmmmm, Mercedes.... :lol:

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