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Postby YoucancallmeAl » Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:25 am

pete98146 wrote:Terrance for what it's worth. The timeline that I met my wife online until the day we got married was...................3 years. Now this may be an extreme but I made VERY sure she was not a scammer, was a good girl who could get by on her own and she was dedicated to me 100%.

Why be in a hurry? Flat out tell the girls that you are not in a hurry to jump into a relationship! This will get rid of the vast majority of scammers. Heck, I'd put that statement right in your profile! In the end, it won't scare off the good girls because they'll be doing their due dilligence on you as well.

The only girls that are in a big hurry are desperate and have nothing to lose.

Jesus, 3 years?!? What the hell did you talk about for all that time? How did you keep her interested? How did you keep the feeling of "new romance" going for all that time? Personally I'd be happy to marry the right girl as soon as possible just so I could be sure to lock in the deal before I said/did something to f**k it up and lose her.
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Postby wuxi » Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:53 am

Chinese women that want to marry you in a hurry are not always scammers, thats how relationships are in China. Most single chinese women have never had a boyfriend before so when they get one they want to tie the knot fast!
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Postby Truthville » Sat Dec 18, 2010 2:40 am


Back to the "opening up" thing. I believe it's not about your race or your nationality. It's about who you are as a person. I have always been the guy people open up to. Strangers, friends, family, women, men, young, old etc.... I DO put out a "Counseler" vibe, thus I tend to avoid people quite a bit at times. It can be maddening to "take on" peoples problems and secrets all the time.

Obviously, you put out a "I'm a good person whom can be trusted" vibe that people, especially women, relate to.

Have you ever done a Myers-Briggs personality test? They are easy to find online, and once I took one, I was astounded by how true my "type" was to the person I am. It could give you some insight.

BTW I'm a IFNJ which, they say, is the rarest type and even more rare for a man to be one.

Hopes this helps,

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