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Standards of Beauty in Asia?

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Standards of Beauty in Asia?

Post by Kunold » February 6th, 2011, 11:15 pm

Ive heard maybe here that some of the women men choose from Asian countries would be considered plain/homely to the men their while to us in the west they are perfect and beautiful,

so what exactly are standards of beauty to Asians?

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Re: Standards of Beauty in Asia?

Post by Rock » February 7th, 2011, 7:43 am

Kunold wrote:Ive heard maybe here that some of the women men choose from Asian countries would be considered plain/homely to the men their while to us in the west they are perfect and beautiful,

so what exactly are standards of beauty to Asians?
I have a theory about that. To some extent, typical white western tastes regarding Asian women are different those of the local men (a win-win). But this is just part of the dynamic.

What really seals the deal - white guys generally ending up with the girls local Asians are least interested in - is that these are the girls make themselves easily available to the western visitors. The girls who are popular with Asians are much harder to get. Guys, being guys, take the path of least resistance when it comes to easy romance and sex and BOOM - the dating market becomes segmented. White guys pair with short dark impoverished girls while locals hold on to their lighted skinned and classier looking counterparts. If the latter was easily available to westerners, you can be sure they would go for it.

I suspect the taste difference is not as pronounced as the stereotype suggests. I think what Asians consider beautiful would generally be appreciated by western eyes as well.

In certain countries where the expat population grows large enough to make it multi-cultural, I think the stereotype gets violated a lot more and breaks down to some extent. Thailand and Singapore are examples of countries where you might see foreigners with all types of locals, not just the least desirable. Familiarity might breed some contempt. But it also leads to a lot more mixing.

Oh to answer your question about the standards of beauty to Asians, just watch some local Thai or Korean soap operas to get an idea. You can probably pull some of them up on Youtube. Besides NE Asian style light skin, I think Asian men also like a softer and more innocent look. Mixed race types or attractively exotic looking (from an Asian POV) darker skinned girls are very appreciated too. And I believe a significant subset of them quietly fantasize about trying out a white girl. You would be amazed at how much regular looking blond girls can get paid for just sitting and drinking with local guys in some Japanese clubs.

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Post by keius » February 8th, 2011, 8:20 am

Seems fairly simple to me.
Look at the local idol celebs portrayed on tv and you get a pretty good idea.
And yeah, some people have much higher standards than others.
My personal standards are fairly high. I've seen many an expat strut thinking they've got a real beauty hanging on the arm with all the local men staring at them.
What the local men are really thinking isn't what the expats thinking that the local men are thinking....if that makes any sense :)

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Post by sushiman » April 1st, 2011, 11:46 pm

The standards for women are simply much higher. In the USA 70% of women are overweight and the standard for what is a normal weight keeps going up!!! When I am in Shanghai or Seoul I almost never see a fat person. Any girl over 125 is considered fat, with 115ish being desired. You walk around Seoul and there are no ugly girls, they start at a 7 on the US scale and go up to 12.

A 6 from Seoul comes here and overnight she is a solid 9 to the US guys!!!

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