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The second American revolution has begun

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to North America. For those looking to relocate within the US or Canada, discuss your experiences and pros/cons of each domestic region.

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Mr S
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The second American revolution has begun

Post by Mr S » November 1st, 2011, 7:59 am ... treet.html

(NaturalNews) There's a sense of desperation in America today. Their jobs are being exported out of the country, their health insurance is being dropped by employers, their dollars are becoming increasingly worthless with each passing day and their futures don't look very promising. They're angry, frustrated and desperate, so they take to the streets and protest. Occupy Wall Street! Occupy The Fed! Take to the streets!

It's the right thing to do, but what most protesters -- and nearly all Americans -- don't fully grasp is that nearly every powerful institution is a criminal racket. It's not just Wall Street that's operated like a criminal mob, folks: It's the U.S. Congress. It's the health care industry. It's conventional agriculture, the mainstream media, the processed food manufacturers, the government regulators and of course the entire military industrial complex.

Nearly everything around you is a criminal operation. The banks openly steal your homes while laundering money for global drug lords. The U.S. government runs illegal guns into Mexico while allowing cocaine and heroin back into the USA to be sold at pumped-up black market prices. The mainstream media broadcasts outright lies and complete fabrications as if they were fact. Much of modern medical "science" is complete quackery or fiction, funded by corporations for the purpose of expanding corporate power. The local water supply is intentionally contaminated with toxic poisons known as "fluoride," and the local food supply is tainted with other dangerous chemicals like aspartame, MSG and BPA.

Your local hospital is almost certainly involved in a medical racket that seeks to insert high-profit medical procedure charges onto patient bills, and your local nursing home most likely throws granny in the hospital for a few days in order to get triple billing from Medicare upon their return. Doctors prescribe antibiotics because they get kickbacks from the drug companies, and the medical journals are little more than science whores who have been bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. And don't forget vaccines, which have become the pathway through which infectious disease is actually spread among the population using live viruses injected into innocent children (

Wake the heck up, people! Most of modern society is a giant con. Nearly every institution, every mega corporation, every government and nearly every politician or bureaucrat is really just a criminal mobster trying to steal your wealth or gain control over your actions and thoughts. Most institutions actually cause the very things they claim to be fighting against!

Why does the cancer industry promote cancer?

The cancer industry actually promotes cancer, didn't you know? The DEA runs drugs! The ATF runs guns ( The FDA keeps deadly drugs legal while trying to outlaw safe, affordable natural remedies.

The EPA openly allows deadly toxic chemicals to be dumped into the environment (like mercury fillings from dental offices). The CDC actually promotes complete falsehoods about infectious disease in order to scare people into thinking everybody needs to get vaccinated. And then the vaccines are intentionally contaminated with live viruses in order to spread disease and make the CDC look even more important! (

Meanwhile, the President is actively destroying the economic base of America, aided by feds who threaten business owners like Gibson Guitars which are only trying to manufacture quality American-made products. The purpose of all this? To destroy America's economy from the inside out. It is intentional. It is being engineered. The U.S. economy is supposed to collapse by design, get it?

Beyond the economy alone, the entire "war on terror" is a complete and utter hoax, having been fabricated from the very start by government insiders. From 9/11 to present-day terror, it has all been a pathetic and cowardly string of fabrications and staged events for the sole purpose of destroying freedom in America.

Most of what you're told from "official" sources is flat-out false

Are you getting this? Nearly everything you've been told is a lie. Everything you hear on the mainstream news is either a complete fabrication or a wild distortion of reality. And the things you don't hear on the evening news are the things that really matter -- things like the fact that your money is being quietly stolen from you by the Federal Reserve.

Nearly everything you are told by the White House, or the FDA, or the EPA -- or any government regulator -- is a complete and total lie. There is no room for truth in a system of outright tyrannical lawbreaking. That's what we have today instead of government: A cabal of criminal thugs who operate with impunity while violating laws with complete disregard for human rights or the Bill of Rights.

Did you know, for example, that the Obama administration runs a secret death panel that decides which Americans to add to a "kill list?" This kill list is then handed over to the President who decides which Americans to simply assassinate or murder. Think I'm making this up? Then why was it openly reported by Reuters? (

Watch this astonishing interaction between ABC News reporter
Jake Trapper and White House Spokesperson Carney, who completely excuses the Obama administration's outright murder of an American citizen with absolutely zero evidence, no due process, no trial and no proper legal justification whatsoever:

Why things are the way they are - the honest truth

Do you wonder why so many people are sick and diseased today? Because the health care system is designed to make you sick!

Do you wonder why so many people are bankrupt today? Because the financial system is designed to keep you bankrupt!

Do you wonder why voters have so little power versus the corporations today? Because the political system is designed to keep the corporations in power while keeping you enslaved.

Do you wonder why you are still paying $3 or $4 per gallon of gas? Because the energy industry is designed to keep you enslaved to high-profit energy sources while oppressing free energy technology.

Do you ever wonder why the best innovations in medicine, free energy and human consciousness are always suppressed? Because the system is designed to destroy or censor any technologies that would lend themselves to longevity, freedom or increased awareness.

Do you wonder why America remains in perpetual war with an unseen enemy? Because the whole system is designed to operate in a state of perpetual warfare so that the people can be kept in a state of constant fear while being denied their freedoms.

Join the revolution

This is why I invite you to join the revolution in whatever constructive way you can. Now is the time to make your voice heard, just as all those protesting right now are doing.

My only bit of wisdom to pass along in this regard is to make sure it's your OWN voice and don't let yourself be played by some organized globalist agenda that now wants to hijack the protests for their own nefarious purposes.

The essence of freedom is LIBERTY, honest money, private property rights and a system of law that applies to everyone.

YES, the globalist bankers are crooks. They probably deserve to be strung up in a public square somewhere, but even such actions should never be taken without due process and a proper trial. What's really wrong with America today is that the criminal elements are running the show, from the White House to Wall Street. And it's time the People demanded that EVERYONE abide by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. After all, didn't the President swear to protect it when he became President? So why does he now selectively ignore it?

The revolution happening right now is a revolution borne out of frustration, and although it seems to lack focus in the mixed messages heard on the street right now, it will soon coalesce into a call for justice and an end to the systems of tyranny that dominate the American landscape today.

The transition out of freedom and justice will be fraught with violence, I fear, and there will soon be Martial Law declared across our land. Be prepared for what's coming, and have no illusions that the second American revolution is now at our doorstep. I only ask: What will you do with this opportunity? Will you stand for liberty and justice when it really counts?

Keep reading NaturalNews for more coverage of all this. And if you want to learn the latest preparedness information, I've just released a new course with Daniel Vitalis called The Surthrival Series (

Learn more: ... z1cR0L26FT
"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and stoic philosopher, 121-180 A.D.

Think Different
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Post by Think Different » November 1st, 2011, 9:33 am

Yes, I'm very aware of all this. So, what would you have us do? I've already moved out of the country, but it's not like Italy is any less corrupt. They're just less intrusive into your daily lives here, and the food is better and healthier. I also don't believe the US is so horrible (at this moment) than some make it out to be. While the US used to be at the very top, it is quickly sliding down to the middle, QOL-wise. There are still countries that are far worse. It's also a question of what irritates you about your government. Here in Italy, the government is blatantly corrupt and the politicians openly flaunt it. The Italian people complain about it with a smile and just ignore it. So long as they are satiated with their tons of great food, beaches, and warm weather, they really don't give a rat's ass what the government does, in the long run. Likewise, I don't think most Americans care either, so long as they are still getting their piece of the pie.

Here's my take on things: NEVER rely on the any government to "take care of you", because it won't happen and certainly not in Western Europe. The politicians are just as corrupt over here. It boils down to having a circle of friends and family you can rely on, and who can rely on you. I also don't believe the American people have the guts to have another revolution. They've become too soft and complacent, and prefer to lick to boots of the thugs who control the country. They'd prefer to suffer in indignity and hope for a few scraps, than to fight back and risk losing those scraps, too.

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Post by djfourmoney » November 1st, 2011, 11:26 am

I would agree you should never rely HEAVILY on Governments, I will say you have NO CONTROL over who you're parents are. You are a product of your environment and that's why poor families usually stay poor unless something breaks that cycle. A functional economy has anti-poverty policies in it, which can include everything from Free Higher Education to Universal Health Care. Many European countries are not in trouble from social programs as many Right Wingers would like you to believe, but from taking own debt in other areas, such as expanding Empire which is what the US is engaged in or trying to prop up a stagnant economies (usually the European reason).

We are moving from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. We haven't seen this much constant disruption (constant recessions and downturns) since the turn of the century (1900) and its time we tackle the problems of our time and stop the political, ideological and religious/moral bickering that's preventing the solutions to wide ranging problems from coming forward.

I am an active member of Occupy LA btw, we do have the "Guts" for a Revolution but I'm not sure we need a complete overthrow and restructuring of our Government like in Egypt for example, which was pointed out on CrossTalk that they might have to do it again as the Military has entrenched itself as the controller of the country at present and no elections planned just yet.

Mr S
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Post by Mr S » November 1st, 2011, 4:40 pm


The political climate of this country is full of tension and anger. Whether one considers themselves to be on the left, right, or something else altogether, they are undoubtedly fed up with this current system. There is no better display of these emotions than the current Occupy movement, now spreading across the country and the whole world. This Saturday was the kickoff of Occupy Pittsburgh.

Being that I count myself among the fed up, I wanted to attend. The political ideologies represented at the Pittsburgh rallies and marches on Saturday were varied. Most people participating no longer trust either political party to represent them anymore. There was popular sentiment that corporations have now bought the vast majority of politicians and that corporate money needs to be barred from flowing into the campaign coffers of these politicians.

The above message I can agree with, but it is the other solutions that many Occupiers advocate that I strongly disagree with. It was my impression that a good majority of the protesters wanted higher taxes for the “rich�, more regulation of the economy with special emphasis on the banking sector, and more socialized programs like universal healthcare.

“The rich are hoarding all the wealth and must be forced to give it up and pay their fair share.� “Government needs to crack down on the banks and regulate them more because they are now allowed to gamble away peoples’ savings in the derivatives market with impunity.� “The greedy healthcare companies are raising the cost of healthcare and forcing the poor to go without, therefore they must be restrained or the government should provide all medical care.� Many of these same people were calling for an end to capitalism altogether.

But how do these individuals define capitalism? Most point to the current form of a state-regulated market economy and say that it does not work. They say capitalism has failed the average person and enriched the top 1%. Millions are unemployed, millions are on government assistance programs, and banks get bailed out while the people are sold out. Those that do have work are paid scraps while the “capitalist class� siphons off the surplus value they create for themselves.

If this is oneÂ’s view of capitalism then I cannot blame them for hating it. I hate it as well. But I would not call our current system capitalism. Quite the contrary; what we have now is a situation where the corporate and political power structures are so intertwined that they cannot survive without each other. However, this system is more accurately termed corporatism, mercantilism, or fascism.

In this system, the corporations get the regulations they want by buying off politicians with what are essentially bribes in the form of campaign contributions. Bureaucrats and politicians alike are given high paying jobs as rewards with the same corporations that they pushed the regulations through for.

A great example of this is Michael Taylor, the current Food Safety Czar under the Obama Administration. In the 1980s-90s, Taylor was a corporate lawyer and lobbyist for Monsanto, the notorious bio-tech giant responsible for Agent Orange, Roundup, most of the questionable genetically modified crops (GMO) in America, as well as the dangerous rBGH growth hormone given to cows to increase their milk output. He moved in and out of the FDA every few years pushing through necessary regulations to allow GMOs onto the market without any safety standards at all. He then became Monsanto’s vice president on public policy in 1998. Now he heads up food “safety.�

This guy epitomizes the revolving door of government and industry, which is the same no matter the department. The people in the regulatory agencies today are the executives of the corporations tomorrow. The Occupiers who naively want to give more power to these regulatory agencies are asking for the top 1% to further press the boot down on their necks.

Real capitalism would free the 99% from the authoritarian controls of the top 1%. In a free market, big companies would not give millions of dollars to politicians because there would be no benefit. The no-bid contracts, favorable regulations, tax loopholes, and subsidies that give big business the advantage over competitors would all disappear. There would finally be a level playing field so that small and medium sized businesses could compete more effectively, thus bringing better services overall to us, the consumers.

In the market, profits come from providing high quality goods and services at low prices, not from bribing the controllers of the public trough. The consumer is king and decides where their voting dollars will go. Reputation matters and companies will do what they can to keep them spotless. Innovation and creativity are unleashed for the benefit of all.

Capitalism is responsible for the relatively easy lifestyles we live today. Corporations, government, and the Federal Reserve have been ruining capitalism for generations and things have finally come to their inevitable destructive end. The choice now is not to overthrow “capitalism� and embrace socialism. The choice is to overthrow the corporatist/mercantilist/fascist system and embrace true free market capitalism where people are free to pursue prosperity and happiness in peaceful competition and cooperation.

This article first appeared at the Publius Foundation for ‘Young People Advancing Individual Liberty.‘
"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and stoic philosopher, 121-180 A.D.

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Post by MrPeabody » November 1st, 2011, 6:16 pm

I like the article for emphasizing the word "criminal". This is what they really are - a criminal mob committing crimes. This takes all the bs out of it. So when morons say you are attacking Wall street because you are jealous of their success, this becomes irrelevant, because the only relevant factor becomes whether their actions satisfy the elements of a crime. All the irrelevant flack is to divert you from the essence - they are criminals. It's amazing that nobody even seemed to notice that there were no prosecutions of the mass crimes committed by Wall street and the mortgage industry. That is because the government is in on the scam. When the policeman is committing the crimes, where do you go? And people don't notice the obvious because they don't notice anything unless the media first points it out. In other words, the media thinks for them.

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