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Another tale of the horrors of Washington/Puget Sound area

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to North America. For those looking to relocate within the US or Canada, discuss your experiences and pros/cons of each domestic region.

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Another tale of the horrors of Washington/Puget Sound area

Post by Winston » January 2nd, 2008, 10:37 am

Here is yet another letter to me confirming the horrors of the Washington and Puget Sound area. From the cold sterile anti-sociality, to the hatred and pressure to conform to evil, etc. it makes Washington the worst place socially, despite its natural beauty. For more tales of WA, see ... ponses.htm

"I lived in Belling ham circle 1999. Everything you wrote about it is very exact. Back in the late 90,s I lived several places in the pacific northwest. One thing for certain. The state Washington is one of the most uptight narrow minded places I have ever experiences. Bellingham was definitely the worse. When you say hi to most women there they look at you as if you were a cyclopes or something. although I did connect a few times with women there. I did not feel very comfortable with the energy,s all over in the state of Washington. The culture there seemed very anti individualism, anti free spirit. One thing that was real weird about the Puget sound region was. People get totally freaked out when I said hi by flashing the peace sign. Even on the east coast like the Delaware valley. Where it,s well known to be uptight even traditionally uptight. Even there they wouldn't have an issue with the peace sign or wearing brightly colored tie die tshirts or even cowboy hats. The Puget sound scene is weird. On the east coast. Even though it can be uptight. You know where you stand. You know what element is appropriate for you and what isn,t. Depending on your personalty and taste. The Puget sound tends to be very passive aggressive and will discriminate against you in a very underhanded manor. During the time I lived in Puget sound region. It felt like there was some kind of cultural or social collective to coarse you to conform. If you don,t conform to the Puget sound collective. Bad things will mysteriously happen to you. I now live in Humboldt co, California. Most of northern California seems to be allot more open minded in many ways then the Puget sound region. One thing for sure. In Humboldt co, it,s not considered harassment to say hi or flash the peace sign to girls. inclosed is some pictures of me and of Humboldt co, I can see that you are a very visual person. I do want to ask. In your opinion why is the Puget sound region so narrow minded and allot of the women so unapproachable. For that reason the Puget sound region can have a very devastating affect on your self esteem. Especially if your a friendly free spirited nonconformist. I,m trying to have a more deeper understanding of what I went through up in Bellingham, Seattle and the rest of the Puget sound region. {{{Have a super awesome holiday}}}. "

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