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Red Feminism

Share and recommend books and websites that you think are worth checking out.

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Think Different
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Red Feminism

Post by Think Different » August 20th, 2011, 8:19 am

This book apparently ties together modern Feminism in the West and it's origins in the Communist Party, going all the way back to the 1920s. I haven't read the book, but was wondering if anyone else has, or if they know where to find it for PDF download (for my Kindle), since there is no Kindle version.

BTW, maybe one of our members here who grew up in the former USSR can explain why Russian/Eastern European (largely)/Central Asian women are so much more feminine and traditional than the women in the West. How could the USSR produce such solid, well-grounded, and feminine/traditional women if their own country was exporting this feminist sh!t all over the West? How were they not taken over by it, as well? Was the Marxist/feminist agenda, as this article mentions, "just for export"?

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Post by ladislav » August 20th, 2011, 8:38 am

The answer is simple- they borrowed Marxist ideals/ideas and tried to implement them at home. They had some success, but only some because they came up against the centuries of Muslim and Orthodox oppression of women. And the goal was equality, not superiority of women. So, countries which were 99% male chauvinist became 70% male chauvinist with women now able to study and work and run the government but still in a very much subdued way. And they would not act like men - just do some jobs and perform professional functions of men. Instead of doing virtually zero before and being 11th class citizens, they became 2nd class citizens.

Now, when these ideas reached the West with its already very liberal underpinnings and its already budding homosexual revolution, that is where the seeds sprouted to create the insane perverse system we are seeing today.

The women you are talking about and whose femininity you so much admire now hold degrees and work in various fields instead of being locked in the kitchen and the bedroom. So, feminism there kind of worked in achieving its primary goal- equality ( not complete equality- but an improvement of the status of women from complete oppression to still not being a man's complete equal but doing somewhat OK).

In the West, however, with most men already being too individualistic and back stabbing to unite in any way, the feminism blossomed in a totally different, ugly and perverted way. To fit the mentally ill societies, it took a mentally ill form.
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Post by odbo » August 20th, 2011, 10:16 am

I don't agree with ladislav at all. Orthodox Christianity is not about disregarding women and certainly not oppressing them. I'd like to see how they were oppressed in particular when most of the Russian population man & woman were serfs anyways. In American/English history we like to pretend women were oppressed, and ya there was plenty of sexism in the 1800s, but really it was only a 10-20 year gap between being worked to death in the factories while the men worked to death in the mines, to semi-human working and living conditions in the 20s & 30s, to finally the 1940s and 1950s when people were prosperous enough that women could be housewives for 10 years before getting tired of making sandwiches and gossiping all day and being "liberated" to go to work and letting the state raise and indoctrinate their children.

After the great depression subsided and especially after the country benefited economically from WWII the American woman had the luxury to not have to work while the family could still afford an automobile and boat trips. South American, African, and Asian women never had to worry about being oppressed like the poor western white female. They were lucky enough to work in the rice paddies every day out of necessity.

That might be over-simplification but still probably closer to historical reality than the bullshit we are fed.

Jewish religions (including Catholicism & Islam) are very male oriented. Orthodox Christianity does not require priests to swear off women (in exchange for sodomizing little boys), it does not allow free masonry, etc.

I do find it funny that the Soviet Union tried its very best to destroy gender roles, and yet Russian women are about 100x more feminine than Anglo women, and about 1000x more than American women. A while ago I was reading a blog of a Japanese man sentenced to 5+ years in a POW gulag after WWII. He remarked how odd it was for a Japanese man to see female guards walking around. But it was a pleasant surprise because they were so beautiful and feminine and put their rifles down to do girly stuff like clean their nails.

Compare Russian military/police women.. filing their nails and combing their hair or whatever.

To American military/police women.. all butch lesbians or masculine slobs.
Image :lol:

Maybe it's the fact that Russia actually has a culture? While American kids grow up on the tv. Are places like Armenia and Georgia patriarchies despite the best efforts of the USSR? It is a dire situation, I'm sure even in the Philippines it's better. I mean you guys keep calling their women dumb, but they're not dumb enough to act like guys! :P It's crazy how 80% of the American population gets little or nothing at all passed down to them from their parents and grandparents (in the form of wisdom).

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