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Book: Why America failed

Share and recommend books and websites that you think are worth checking out.

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Book: Why America failed

Postby HappyinEurope » Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:29 pm

Book: Why America failed by Morris Berman

Morris Berman writes, quote:

“On a visceral level, I had always felt like a stranger in a strange land. The competition, the aggressiveness, the lack of interest in human connection, the confusion of goods with the good life, the deep antagonism to the life of the mind—this is the dominant ethos, and I could never fit in. I stayed and struggled because I believed in a different America, but that belief proved to be a mirage. The South excepted, there really has never been a different America. And even that, as we know, had a terrible dark side to it.
The best guide to the future, of course, is the past. Not that change does not occur, but for the most part it tends to be evolutionary, and characterized by great continuity with what came before. Hustling, the pursuit of affluence, technology, and “progress,” “have amounted to a huge steamroller in American history, a steamroller that is now going off the edge of a cliff.”
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