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Leaving America: The New Expatriate Generation (book on Amaz

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Leaving America: The New Expatriate Generation (book on Amaz

Post by Winston » February 23rd, 2008, 9:12 am ... 37-3286842

Leaving America: The New Expatriate Generation

Book Description
Today more than ever, large numbers of Americans are leaving the United States. It is estimated that by the end of the decade, some 10 million of the brightest and most talented Americans, representing an estimated $136 billion in wages, will be living and working overseas. This emigration trend contradicts the internalized myth of America as the land of affluence, opportunity, and freedom. What is behind this trend? Wennersten argues that many people these days, from college students to retirees, are uncertain or ambivalent about what it means to be an American. For example, many are uncomfortable with that they believe America has come to represent to the rest of the world. At the same time, globalization and advances in technology have enabled the growth of a telecommuting work force whose members can live in one country and work in another, and this trend, among other factors, has encouraged a new generation of people to respond to the pull of "global citizenship." Leaving America is an important reexamination of one of the most central stories in the history of American culture--the story of the immigrant coming to the Promised Land. While millions still come to American and millions more still wish to do so, there is an important counterflow of emigration from America to distant parts of the planet. This book focuses on modern American expatriates as a significant and heretofore largely ignored counterpoint phenomenon every bit as central to understanding modern America as is the image of a nation of immigrants. The greatest irony in America today may well be that while argument and discord prevail in the edifice of American democracy about diversity, economic justice, equality, and the Iraq War, many of the most thoughtful citizens have already left the building.

[A] thought-provoking book that fleshes in a compelling picture of Americans abroad....If you've ever considered taking off for places unknown--or were curious about why others might do so--Wennersten's book offers fascinating and reasoned insights into this complex issue.The Hill Rag

"Leaving America is a pioneering book on a vital topic. It offers insights into why millions of U.S. citizens have left their country to live and work abroad and how their expatriate experience is reshaping the meaning of American citizenship. Wennerstens book also raises crucial questions about why more and more Americans feel alienated by current American politics and popular culture." - Bernard Mergen, professor emeritus, George Washington University

About the Author
JOHN R. WENNERSTEN has lived a total of eleven years abroad in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. He was recently a Senior Fellow at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution. Currently he is a writer-lecturer for the Maryland Humanities Commission. He is Professor Emeritus of American Studies at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, and held a tenured professorship at Tokiwa University in Japan.

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Post by LukeSkywalker » February 23rd, 2008, 6:27 pm

"global citizenship."
Oh boy, "global citizenship". Sounds like a Marxist-Leninist dream to me. No, no, USA citizens are not global citizens. They are US citizens. If somebody ever comes in here acting like a "global citizen" I and everybody else in this town will tell them that they had better drop the "global citizen" act immediately and start acting like a decent and proper American.

But I will tell you why people are leaving America. People are leaving because they are sick and tired of all the socialists and of the fact that they control the government and the government is getting bigger and bigger and controlling more and more things. But the socialists are not America, and will never be America.

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