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A Blog asks if Winston Wu is a hero or a hoax? lol

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A Blog asks if Winston Wu is a hero or a hoax? lol

Postby Winston » Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:42 am

Check out this blog about me and this site. It asks if I am for real or a hoax. Pretty funny. ... traveller/

AMWF stories and photographs of a Chinese-American traveller
May 30, 2010 — wocview

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We of Wocview found this site, , either amazing or a big hoax.

Winston Wu, founder of Happier Abroad, is a Chinese American who has had trouble dating women from the US, and thus ventured elsewhere in the world and has massive success in dating a variety of different (wester) women and made a website out of it.

We of the Wocview team live mostly in European countries, and have experienced that it is just party true that ‘it is easy to date western women’. Even if this site is just a hoax, then the person did it to encourage Chinese to be confident to date outside their race and probably as a counter reaction to Chinabounder type of people (white western people who misbehave and take sexual advantage of Chinese females and take them for granted).

But it is true that American women are the least open minded towards (relational/sexual) contact with Asian/Chinese males. Making casual contact with females is in general, more easy in Europe. So if this is fake, than it is nice to know that some one is noticing the imbalance between Chinese males dating all other races. And it is true…well….we think somebody is having great fun somewhere.

Either hero or hoax, but very inspirational nonetheless: you decide!

Below that intro, one of my dating abroad slide shows is featured. What a funny question: Winston Wu - Hero or Hoax? Ain't that the mystery of the day? lol

I wonder why someone would ponder whether this site is a hoax or not though.
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