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Should we have private boards for veterans or paid coaching?

Post your suggestions and feedback for this site and movement. You can also report a problem or suggest new board topics.

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Should we have private boards for veterans or paid coaching?

Yes, if some members want their discussions private, then they should have that right, especially if they are veteran members.
No, creating private special boards for certain members looks divisive, snobby, and could alienate other members.
Total votes: 15

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Post by drealm » June 18th, 2014, 3:22 am

HouseMD wrote:It would provide a barrier to entry that would reduce overall forum activity and keep valid opinions out of interesting topics. It's a bad idea all around, in which no one wins- the people behind the wall get to make excellent threads that few people get to read or participate in, and the people locked out wonder why there are no good threads on the forum. Old people will get bored and leave, new people will have no incentive to stay, and the forum ultimately dies.

I've seen it happen to a few forums in the past, the outcome is always the same.
And the pages won't be indexed by google...

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » July 12th, 2014, 4:50 am

Cornfed wrote:
PeterAndrewNolan wrote:One young man was being threatened by his ex, the whole 9 yards.....courts, cops....false know the deal. She refused to give his car back...was making all sorts of demands.

A couple of emails from me? She was purring like a kitten....she even gave his car back.

It was simple. I told her that we are prepared to kill people to secure the rights of our members....she took the hint....she even apologised to my client for threatening him. I told her there was no way the police could protect her from me. I also told her that we insist on truth, justice and equality before the law and that her ex would be required to meet any real obligations for our protection.

She will now not make any demands of him as his ex wife. He has said he is willing to help her because he loved her.....but he will not be threatened..
Yep. I have done three divorces in Australia now. Only that one was hostile. The young man is going from strength to strength now. He was really down when we met nearly a year ago. Now he has a bright outlook on life and is ready to get on with his life. He is also a very successful young man.

I guess I should get him to write a reference for other young men. He treats me very much like an advisor on life now.

Here is something he wrote to that coward Bill Price. Check this out. Warms my heart. I really liked the bit about demise pills. Men in the 16 to 30 range are NOT going to pay taxes to the old men for their pensions given the betrayal of these old men. It's going to get messy. ... fault.aspx
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Post by Jester » August 3rd, 2014, 8:03 pm

Here's ANOTHER reason that there should be a private area:

Zionosis wrote:
I will send you a pic of myself. I don't consider myself bad looking but I haven't been able to get a woman of my own race.

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