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Aussie women are the worst

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Australia, New Zealand and the Oceania region.

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Re: Aussie women are the worst

Postby Taco » June 18th, 2017, 7:27 am

Topguy wrote:Their are great Australian women but its in the minority (20%) and ALL of them are taken.

Sorry, but I don't believe this statement.

Topguy wrote:Australia sucks if you want to find someone good.

I believe this statement is true.
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Re: Aussie women the worst

Postby Adama » June 20th, 2017, 4:03 pm

OzGuy wrote:
Gaxsax wrote:I can't believe the owner of this site/forum has listed Australian women as favorable to have as wives. They are worst than American and other Anglo-Saxon women. Sometimes I think Australia is the 51st state of USA, so our women are no different to theirs.

Even though Aussie girls love the American accent, I warn American men not to get involved with them. They will be sorry after the honeymoon. At least American women have some culture. Our women here are rough, rude and ready.

Australian women are married to the welfare state here. They don't need any man.

I'm from Australia and couldn't agree with you more. From what I've read on this site, it sounds like Australian women are no different to American women. The only difference is that they probably drink more, are rougher, louder, and play a lot of mind games when it comes to dating. Like the US, they expect men to approach them, and rarely approach a man.

There are a few naive men here who are unaware and unwilling to believe that many Anglophone women are filled with mind games. These women have turned every simple task into a power struggle between men and women. And naturally being narcissists, the woman must always win, and the man must always be the loser. And if you're unwilling to engage them in these war games, then you're a loser, or too easy, or weak. When the real story is, you still have and possess your own soul, and you want it to be respected, not stomped on and treated like it's garbage.

This is really psychopathy.

And what most people don't understand is, these mind games aren't just silly little things, this is war for your soul. When you're defeated in these games, your heart, soul and spirit are crushed, while they get the ego boost of having destroyed you. These are prideful people who think they are faultless and entitled to treat men any way they please.

And when you try to speak up and say something to your male friends and acquaintances, you'll get the attitude of suck it up and try harder, as if women are gods who need to be sucked up to. Then they'll insult you by calling you over sensitive, and if they're really sinister, they will say such activity by women is normal and you just have to be strong and deal with it. (And the men who tell you this are being bullied by their own wives at home, but they see it as the cost of doing business and normal for women to act like emotional terrorists.)

It never occurs to most men that this is psychopathic behavior and these women are emotional vampires who are playing these games.

This also makes it harder to meet people, cause many of the women are just predators using their sexuality to lure in prey, who they intend to destroy with their mind games (read war against your soul). And you won't know whether the woman is good or evil until it's too late, when you've already exposed yourself to vulnerability. But the chances are, she is evil, if she's American at least. So then it comes down to, why bother with American women if so many of them are playing these soul destroying games just to puff up their prideful egos.

This is why foreign women are better. Most foreign, non Anglophone women, have not yet dreamed up these evil games to play.
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Re: Aussie women are the worst

Postby Adama » June 20th, 2017, 4:19 pm

Topguy wrote:I've dated many Australian women and most of my experiences have been bad over 90%. I think myself as a fair, decent and open minded person.

Australia women in general are:
and have anger or other issues

I've found Aussie women have lots of one night stands, most of them drunken, so dont care about investing in a man or being with someone worthwhile as its too easy just to hump someone available. The Amount of drugs taken regularly by Australian women is stupid, (australia has one of the top coke, meth and marijuana users on the planet). So who cares about values, support, decency when all the girl wants is to get high off her face.

They have an air of unavailability and exclusivity so lots of decent guys pass them over, and since they have fragile egos end up going with guys who pay them lots of attention, (all talk - no substance guys), who make them feel like princesses in the short term. But these types of guys always end up treating them very bad later on. So by their mid 20s they have lots of baggage, and they wont mind using you as a punching bag.

So many Australian women I've dated will say nice things to you like darling and hun, then disappear for two weeks at a time to party with their friends somewhere without a word. When they come back and if you're not into them anymore, they will try to win you back by calling you darling again and then go off and do the same thing again. They basically expect you to be their dog, and if you wont, its easy to replace you with some other willing dope.

Its just a very empty, one sided relationship.

These women have a very high opinion of themselves as well, they think that they are great artists, or fashion designers or business people or athletes and basically expect you to think the world of them.

Their are great Australian women but its in the minority (20%) and ALL of them are taken. Even the immigrant women from Europe or Asia generally take up this slutty, drunken, superficial mindset after a while.

Australia sucks if you want to find someone good.

It should be evident to everyone that many women have fallen for this trap, that simply being a woman makes them a god. Of course they don't use the term "god", but they have (evil) god-like entitlement in that they think they can do anything they want to anyone without cause or explanation, they can demand people give them glory and attention while they give nothing back (one-sided, only care about themselves), there are no standards for their behavior whatsoever because they are righteous just being women (by virtue of their birth).

All they want is ego supply and to destroy any man that comes near to them, to glorify themselves in destruction. You'll get hit with some fiery darts of death just by coming near to one of these death machines. They are emotionally, psychologically and spiritually very dangerous people who have no conscience to limit their evil treatment of others. They will easily destroy your self esteem, your self worth, your will to live and your willingness to interact with women period, after enough of them attempt to spiritually murder you with their evil speech and their evil deeds. And if they destroy any one of those (or all of them), they have essentially stolen your life by paralyzing you, like a venomous snake or a fire breathing dragon.
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Re: Aussie women are the worst

Postby _cavelo_ » June 29th, 2017, 4:15 am

I'm sorry to all of you that have had bad experiences with Australian women....we are not ALL bad.

It's stereotypes like this that I encountered overseas that made me feel so despondent at being a female Australian.
I don't flash my breasts, if you get a cleavage shot from me, it is from being in a nice outfit not from being a "attention seeker". I may have a glass of wine with a meal. But generally I don't drink. Purely by choice. Mind you if an opportunity came up to have a few cocktails etc. and a dance, I'm up for it. I don't have an 'ocka' accent either. Mum made sure we all spoke well. I can put on a great aussie accent if need be, but I can do a few accents because of travelling and because frankly, I don't take myself too seriously. One Aussie trait I do have - we can take the mickey out of ourselves. I speak a few languages, I'm educated and more importantly, I believe I am not entitled to everything, I work darn hard for what I have, always have done, always will.

To tell you the truth, my biggest regret is wasting time in Australia for a guy I thought was 'the one' to find out he was cheating on me with several women - apparently I was working too much and studying too much. Nevermind, that I was funding his party lifestyle, even paid for him to go to the USA to play baseball, find out he cheated on me there too and developed a cocaine habit with my allowance.

See, I have always thought that being a smart, attractive female was the key thing. I couldn't have been wrong. I'm sure not all guys think this but for me it was one of two ways - 1) I'm a bank and accessory 2) or I intimidate.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being an independent women but when you are one guys get freaked because they expect the stereotype. Damn either way.

Shame really. I love the American accent. I swoon at hearing a guy say "Yes, Ma'am". I've visited the states, have a few friends there. I hear about most American men treating their women well and frankly, I love to have an American guy treat me like that. And you bet, I would treat him the same way. My King to his Queen.
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Re: Aussie women are the worst

Postby Yohan » July 19th, 2017, 6:33 am

_cavelo_ wrote:I'm sorry to all of you that have had bad experiences with Australian women....we are not ALL bad.

It's stereotypes like this that I encountered overseas that made me feel so despondent at being a female Australian.

Stereotypes? Not really.

Australia is a huge country, but there is relatively little population, this makes it difficult to meet an Australian female, as distances between these few larger cities are also considerably long.

To travel to and within Australia as a single man does not make much sense either, it is neither a cheap country for vacation, nor do I know anything about cheap airfares, and even as an European man living in Japan since decades you cannot enter Australia for a few days without a visa you have to apply in advance. This country is really rather restrictive to visitors.

I met only a few Australians during my life, and never, not even a single time I had any nice conversation with an Australian female, not even online.
Australia also has a bad reputation among men as it is said, it is highly pro-feminist orientated, laws for sure are not in favor of men looking for any form of relationship with an Australian female.

Also check out 'The Red Pill'

I also noticed, not only in this forum, that sometimes a poster, claiming to be an Australian female is showing up, (in this thread alone 3 different women - Katlyn, Nycole, Cavelo) writing something like 'we Australian women are really not like that' and after when facing some replies and questions, they never log in again, never show up again.
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