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Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Australia, New Zealand and the Oceania region.

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Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst

Post by Taco »

"Women who come from literally anywhere else in the Western world are more attractive, more feminine, more graceful, more stylish, less profane, and less slutty than New Zealand."

6 Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst In The Western World ... tern-world
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Re: Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst

Post by starchild5 »

....Leave New Zealand Alone ... ..ROK has nothing to write now a days it seems....

Looks like they are picking white countries by design....

Common, NZ population is just around 4.5 million in that only 70% are Europeans.

I don't think any of us are ever going to meet a girl from New Zealand. There are only 2 million women in New zeland in that you take below 18 and over 40 women...You are left with around 700k women.....consider half of them married...just 350k and say half of them have we are dealing with 175k women and half of them ugly and nerd...aka 80k women to deal with....Minus Native women

So they are writing an entire article for just 50 thousand women... :cry: :cry:

If one writes anything related to New Zealand, it shows writers desperation in finding quality content 8)

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Re: Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst

Post by El_Caudillo »

I just spent a year living in a smaller city in New Zealand. True that there weren't many attractive women and certainly hardly any available ones. The bigger cities are better though. I think in New Zealand the women have felt some pressure to become masculine as the culture values a kind of strong stoic masculinity. So it's common for the women to be physically strong, taciturn and solid drinkers. Then you'll have more intellectual, bookworm, moralistic types as well - normally found working in some government department. Maori women can be quite pretty but they are also masculine and tend to prefer ultra-masculine males. There is lots to write about NZ, start with the landscape.
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Re: Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst

Post by livefreeordie »

I thought the article was well written, and the author is a NZ native who has travelled extensively, so surely he knows a thing or two about the subject matter.

I disagree with the premise though, because at least the Kiwi women appear to be promiscuous, which is an advantage if you are a man looking to score. Australian women have to be worse, since they are both stuck up prudish brainwashed spoiled brats, combined with being frigid too, (apparently at least if you arent in the 'top 25%' so to speak )

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