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Is it really as bleak and negative as is made out?

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Re: Is it really as bleak and negative as is made out?

Post by HappyGuy » November 26th, 2019, 1:54 pm

MrMan wrote:
November 26th, 2019, 2:42 am
When Sarah Palin was running for VP, I heard comedians saying she looked like a porn star playing a librarian. Apparently she looked like librarians in the movie. There are men who go for librarians with glasses.
If you see librarians as sex objects because of porn movies and comedians that speaks to the point I was making, in the last decades the media has sexualized formerly nonsexual classes of women like bookworms and fatties. They get hit on daily by idiots who want to live out their porn fantasy, because of that and online dating like Tinder now women are a lot more similar than they were 20 years ago and that is not kind to most men. To a large extent after a certain age there is only one type of woman the slut and she only likes one type of guy, so if you are a sexual failure with one group of women you don't have another type of woman who might like you.

So you either have to turn yourself into something you're not and risk losing yourself in the process, or you try prostitutes, sex tourism and mail order brides, or you give up. 20 plus years ago you would just end up matching up with a woman who shares your personality, nowadays that opportunity isn't there for most because women have changed and men are more complacent than ever using the internet to cope. The guys with the odds stacked against them make it worse by giving up early on and going on forums like this to complain without even trying first. And by trying I don't mean asking all the women you see out like a pick up artist, I mean making more of an effort to find those non-standard women that match a non-standard male personality. Hopefully not getting too caught up on the women's looks at least at first because that is another reason why there are so many single men. Initial failure isn't permanent and most men peak in dating much later than women so they should avoid making assumptions while they are young and at least move around their state and their country before going abroad to see what types of women are out there and would be willing to date them. You don't find many dates staying in your comfort zone you have to take chances and venture out to even see them. That's my advice to any unpopular guys, complain less and go out more and travel whenever the opportunity arises and eventually reach a conclusion regarding your chances at a happy future. The problem with these forums is you can never tell who has really had a hard time and would be screwed socially no matter what he did because of factors out of his control and who has just been entitled and too lazy to overcome minor problems.
"Happier abroad" you say ? :lol: Only true men find happiness

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