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Fitness and how much effort you put in to it

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Fitness and how much effort you put in to it

Post by magnum » September 14th, 2011, 3:51 am

I've lived a life of both a 300 lbs fat man, and a 155 lbs skin and bones man.

two things I noticed when I was super fat.

1. fat women didn't pay me any attention, I don't ever care or feel bad for a fat woman saying "people are too superficial, and should judge me for what's inside" because I wasn't landing any dates as a fatty, even by fellow fattys.

2. When I felt my healthiest even though admittedly too skinny, people would always comment on how I had to fatten up or eat more, when in reality if you feel perfect and great, why bother, even if your not the ideal of physical perfection, I think it's sad how we accept over-fat, but reject overly skinny when skinny people tend to be healthier then overly fat people.

I don't intend to give women any points here, but I do think men ignore physical fitness when expect nothing but perfection from a woman in the looks department.

Now don't get me wrong, my luck with women hasn't changed much from when I was 300 lbs, but often I read a long list of requirements physically a woman has to have before someone will date her, and I think it's a little one sided, but only a little, and not half as bad as women are about mens fitness.

I think if a man wants a slender woman he him self should be within reasonable slenderness, that doesn't mean he has to be ripped at 2% body fat or bench press 400 lbs, but I'm just saying men should put a little effort in to physical fitness,.

however, men WAY more often do put WAY more work in to fitness, most women just don't eat and are skinny fat, or have fast metabolisms and don't have to work out to maintain a good body.

Now with that being said, by all means, f**k what american women have done to mens physical ideal of perfection is when it comes to health.

you hear them bitch about how men are too picky and we require them to be perfect 10s wile they sit around doing nothing, when that's total garbage.

Womens requirements to look attractive are FAR easier to obtain then mens, not to mention a woman can even be a little bit out of shape and still merit being attractive, where is if a man is even slightly over weight he's done for unless he has a above average amount of muscle.

Requirements for men to get in shape as fallows

being well educated in nutrition and exercise routines, and FULLY dedicated to them.

Men have to bulk up and gain muscle requiring gulling weight lifting sessions, requiring careful calculation of nutrition to make sure you optimize muscle and minimize fat.

it takes 1 month to put on 1 pound of muscle, that means to gain 12 pounds of muscle, it takes 12 months, if your genetics merit that, it happens slow for some men.

So that means after a year, you might look OK with some extra fat that you gained wile bulking up you'll have to undergo a 6 month cutting faze where you attempt to reach sub teen body fat percentages to obtain muscle definition, killing 3 to 6 pounds of the 12 pounds you worked so hard putting on all year long.

After that point if you're disciplined enough to have reached your goal for 8% body fat with 6 to 9 pounds of extra muscle, you'll forever have to watch your calorie intake lest you cover up your abs with even 3% of fat, because if you gain a few pounds, your abs will vanish, leaving you with another month or 2 of grueling calorie watching and running sessions where you could lose even more muscle mass in the process of trying to return to your former "ripped " status.

Requirements for women to be in shape.

half ass dedication to running depending on eating habbits or half ass dedication to eating habbits wile running.

Almost no education is required if you fallow a basic logical path of eating correctly, as they will never have to look "ripped" nor put on pounds of muscle to look obtain the worlds ideal of attractive.

Run 20 to 40 mins, 3 times a day, and eat a decent to healthy diet most the time, as even if they gain a pound or two, as a woman they tend to still look attractive, and if they do gain a few pounds, all they have to do just run a extra day or two out of the week wile maintain a health diet to return to previous weight, or eat less to counter the weight gain.

Or if your naturally skinny, you don't even have to worry about it, and can eat what you want and still look "acceptable" by the worlds standers.

I personally have put so much time and effort in to looking good, that I should be much farther along then I am, but sadly I gained a few pounds back, I was 164 lbs and looking rather good at about 6 ft, now I'm around 178 after gaining a few pounds of muscle...and fat, and that's within a normal weight for my high and build.

And that's what got me to post this topic, having gained a little bit of fat, I started to panic thinking oh my god now women won't even think twice about going out with me because I don't have a six pack....when half the women on the street arn't even in decent shape, yet we get pinned with the "superficial" crap.

now what I seem to gather, women from foreign country still really appreciate a man who's in shape, but it's hardly on the top of the priorities list, I personally want to get in near perfect shape before giving a foreign woman exactly what she deserves for being so much better then her counterpart.

I sometimes laugh to my self thinking about how awesome it would be to be in perfect shape walking along the beach with my foreign wife wile all the femanazies look from a distance in sheer rage at what they see.

Just thought it would be a interesting topic to bring up, what are your guys thoughts?

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Post by gsjackson » September 15th, 2011, 2:24 am

Many years ago I definitely felt like I did better with women when I was in great shape, though it might have been due solely to the added confidence of being comfortable in your own skin. Now, in the US, any sort of self-improvement -- physical, intellectual, spiritual -- leads to greater rejection. We have stepped through the looking glass in the US -- up is down, down is up. The taller you walk, the more likely you are to be brought down.

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