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I believe travel is the key to finding love.

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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I believe travel is the key to finding love.

Post by travelingjohn69 » May 6th, 2012, 5:43 pm ... -love.html

This is some of my philosophy on relationships. If the happiness is no longer in a relationship, it's time to move on. For guys like us, finding love is easier when we travel. But we got to know how to use travel to our advantage.
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Re: I believe travel is the key to finding love.

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 6th, 2012, 6:02 pm

if you want love buy a dog. A dog will love you all its life. Women are not actually capable of love as us men understand it. So looking for a woman to love you is to look for something that does not exist.

A funny story.

In 95 I did the landmark forum. In one of the times when I was given the opportunity to talk the conversation went like this.

Forum Leader: And what do you have to say about your wife?

Peter: My wife does not love me and I am pretty unhappy about that.

FL: How do you know your wife does not love you?

Peter: The way she treats me shows she does not love me. I would never treat her the way she treats me.

FL: Ok….so tell me….do you have a dog?

Peter: Yes

FL: Do you love your dog?

Peter: No

FL: What? You do not love your dog? Why is that?

Peter: It is her dog. I never wanted that dog.

FL: Ok, that’s reasonable enough. But did you ever have a dog that you DID love?

Peter: Yes.

FL: And what was your dogs name?

Peter: I called him “Indiana Bonesâ€￾ (which got a good laugh)

FL: And did Indiana love you?

Peter: Yes.

FL: So how did you know Indiana loved you?

Peter: Well. We got him from the lost dog home and he was in very bad shape. He was flea ridden and was very badly underfed. His ribs were sticking out and his bones were sticking out his legs. He had no muscle or meat on his bones. That is why "bones" in his name. He was a bag of bones.

So we had to house train him and we had to clean him up and feed him properly. So, of course, he had the occasional accident in the house peeing or pooing in the house. Se when he did I would have to rub his nose in it then take him outside to teach him to pee and poo outside. This used to really upset him. But after bringing him back inside I would sit him on my lap and pet him. And when I petted him he would look up at me and you could see in his eyes that he loved me. That is how I know he loved me.

FL speaking to Jennifer who was sitting next to me. “Now you know how to make Peter know you love himâ€￾

Which was met by hysterical laughter.

But the punch line of the whole story is that my wife never loved me. She was simply not capable of the emotion of love and that showed in divorce. So I was correct. My wife did not love me in 1995 nor at any other time. Travelling is not going to find you a woman who loves you. It will find you women who treat you better but I deny there is any woman capable of actually loving a man.

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Post by Winston » May 7th, 2012, 4:34 am

How can you base that on one ex-wife? There are women who do love men. Many men here have experienced it. They become attached to you when they love you. You've never experienced that?
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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 7th, 2012, 3:47 pm

Winston wrote:How can you base that on one ex-wife? There are women who do love men. Many men here have experienced it. They become attached to you when they love you. You've never experienced that?
Hi Winston,
I am not basing that on one ex wife. I am basing that on a GREAT DEAL of research and personal experience. If you have read Stephen Baskervilles "taken into custody" you can see just how badly women treat men in divorce. By one estimate in Australia 4,000 men kill themselves each year based on the criminal abuse of women. All the OTHER women remain silent.

Women are really not very nice people compared to men when all is said and done. My eastern european women friends have very clearly explained to me the true nature of women. They are unapologetic for their nature. As my fav1# says "I am made by God and I am perfect. It just so happens that us women are not very nice to men a lot of the time."

My fav#1 has made the grade of "honest"...most women can not make even THAT grade. No matter WHERE they come from.

As I covered in my first book in chapter 8 "How are men enslaved". Women NEED to enslave men for the benefit of the woman. They NEED a man to labour his hardest for HER children. They have developed amazing skills of deception and manipulation of men to achieve WHAT THEY NEED. This is why, as far as women are concerned, the screwing over of men in divorce is not a problem. The man volunteered for slavery, the woman is the slave master, she can do to him what she wants. Period.

Look at the COMPLETE LACK of comment by women about the crimes of women in divorce. Women will have slutwalks all over the world because some cop says that if you do not want to be sexually assaulted dont go walking around dressed like a slut.

But when TENS OF THOUSANDS of men are KILLING THEMSELVES? EVEN THEIR MOTHERS STAY SILENT because they know women NEED to turn men into man-slaves.

ALL the eastern european women I have dated have confirmed this is the underlying attitude. They need to find a man who believes in the whole "love" story so they can use his love for her against him and control him and break him like a pack animal and get access to the proceeds of his labour. They KNOW this is what they are up to. They just can not say it.

Even my fav#1 has told me that now that she is wavering on children and the possibility might open up we can be together some time.....she has openly admitted that she feels she is such a difficult person to be with and was abusive of prior relationships that she fears she will do the same to me...and this is the nicest woman I know winston.

And yes. I fell for the "love story"....I truly loved my wife for a long time. it was just that she never loved me and is not actually capable of love. The most women are capable of is infatuation.

Women do not love men. They love what men provide. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I am a good example of this. I have a LINE UP of women who would MARRY ME if I agreed to children which means PAY FOR HER AND HER CHILDREN. My fav#1 openly admits that if I had agreed to children she would have married me years ago. She is under no illusions that "marriage" is about getting access to the proceeds of a mans labour. She actually said "If I have my own money why would I need a husband"?

I replied. "Don't you want someone to love you and adore you? Someone who really wants to be with you?"

She LAUGHED and said "No woman wants to be loved and adored. She wants to be PAID FOR. And she wants her children to be PAID FOR. This is what women want from men."

Like I said. At least she is honest about it.

Consider this. I am tall, 187cm, not too overweight, 105kgs, intelligent (145 IQ), Well traveled, eloquent, can maintain conversation about many subjects, I am at the top of my profession, I make lots of money when I bother to work, I am the consummate gentlemen, I am great in bed....every woman tells me so and they actually mean it.......every woman tells me they never met a man like me.....

And woman is interested in being with me unless it includes CHILDREN which means "man-slave".

By the way...I did fall in love with a woman after my ex and part of that criteria was no children. She was in the unfortunate position that the birth of her first child left her unable to have more....her child was 15. And given the timings etc and the fact she could not have more children we were doing really well. But suddenly she tried on the very same techniques my wife had used on me and I asked to take a step back because she had issues that she had not dealt with. She never spoke to me again which shows I did the right thing. It was actually this SECOND woman who exhibited the EXACT SAME BEHAVIOUR as my ex that had me notice there must be an external influence. That was part of my "waking up" that there was something seriously wrong.

There was also the fact that ALL MY WOMEN FRIENDS openly supported Jennifer COMMITTING CRIMES. Many women I had known for 20+ years OPENLY HATED ON ME for my refusal to allow Jennifer to lie to me and steal from the family finances. I was SHOCKED at how HATE FILLED my so called friends were.

Example. My best man? I spoke to his wife. The first words out of her mouth when she heard about the divorce to me were "Well thats what you deserve, you have been working away from home so much you deserve to get divorced."

I replied with "You know full well Jennifer has refused to work. You know full well how hard I have worked to support my family these last 20 years. How DARE you say that I "deserve" to be abused in divorce for doing no more than supporting my family in the face of Jennifers refusal to help me. Indeed, in the face of her stealing money and spending it without my agreement of even knowledge."

I asked her to put her husband back on the phone. I repeated what his wife had said to me. Then I told him. "I will never speak to your wife again so long as I live. I want to remain friends with you, but I will never talk to her again."

His simple comment was "I understand".

How DARE someone who has known me for 25 years....whos husband is MY BEST MAN and the GOD FATHER OF MY SON tell me I DESERVE to be criminally victimised in divorce for taking on the onerous job of supporting my family in the best way I can in the face of my wifes wreckless spending and refusal to work. Really. HOW DARE SHE.

By the way? My BEST woman friend. A woman I fell in love with when I was was "love at first sight" as happens to some 12 year old boys...she is also jennifers BEST FRIEND. When I told her of the CRIMES Jennifer was committing she said

"It is human nature to hurt the ones you love"

I told her. "No. It is WOMENS nature to hurt the ones you love. MEN fight and DIE to protect and provide for the ones they love. It is a VERY RARE MAN that actually HURTS the people he loves. That is not normal AT ALL."

No Winston. If women wanted the MAN I would be inundated with women who just wanted me, the man. Since I am refusing to have more children and refusing to be a man slave again I am "not wanted". And that is fine by me.

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Re: I believe travel is the key to finding love.

Post by fschmidt » May 7th, 2012, 11:41 pm

travelingjohn69 wrote: ... -love.html

This is some of my philosophy on relationships. If the happiness is no longer in a relationship, it's time to move on. For guys like us, finding love is easier when we travel. But we got to know how to use travel to our advantage.
The problem is that the word "love" is very ambiguous because it covers different emotions. The dopamine-based crush is temporary, but the oxytocin-based attachment is meant to last. Sluts and players become dopamine addicts and can't appreciate oxytocin, but oxytocin is quite real too. It is oxytocin that keeps couples together in traditional societies.
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Post by djfourmoney » May 8th, 2012, 1:27 am

Another Anti-Marriage Rant from Peter...

Like I said I challenge these notions.

How is a pet an ideal partner? You can't have (or I should say you shouldn't) have sex with your pets.

Prostitution is not the answer. Go to TJ Amigos and read all the threads on how good cheap sex is ($20US). It really is a business transaction, there are no feelings. I rather save $20 and wack-off, its about as meaningless. For $50-60 you get slightly better; Better looking, better all around. Yes you can get low level women, but it still will cost you at least double what street girls cost you. From there you can get escorts, at $70-$100 a pop. If your lucky, not a complete idiot, dork, fat, goofy and otherwise normal, that relationship can turn into something else where no money is exchanged.

Again I don't see this as a solution but a band-aid. Western People are often fond of easy fixes and band-aids, look at our social decay and economies, a series of band-aids and quick fixes to placate the masses and keep people in power.

Its been proven that you'll live longer married in a good marriage not just married like some abstract thing you can debate its not debatable.

We are mammals and all too often Man believe he's evolved beyond the basic needs of mammals, well NEWSFLASH you haven't.

Winston posted a series of articles about marriage and its negatives. There is nothing wrong with talking about these subjects. But individualism is just as much a threat to humanity as weapons of mass destruction. Individuals don't have any connection to community, so they aren't invested in saving it or protecting it. If you wanna be a bunch of nomads, that's perfectly okay but that lifestyle is not attractive to most people for many valid reasons and aren't open to attack.

I don't run away from being a man, I don't run away from being Black, I don't run away from a society that never understood equality.

I am alone and money or access to anything will not solve the problems I have. I don't have a problem being alone, but I'm alone for the wrong reasons.

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Post by C.J. » May 8th, 2012, 1:43 am

PeterAndrewNolan... that story is very sad. It MUST be a case of western influence. The western world is a reality that has been tainted with elite values... values which are said by some to be DEMONIC, TRULY EVIL. Personally, I know people from non-western countries, and they are quite human...compassionate, caring and soulful enugh to share. Like how I am now. :)

When I see and hear western people, their values, their behavior, it's NOT NATURAL to me. I believe that those people act that way, because of that hateful, evil... demon-like power imposed upon them by their financial occult masters. I believe this becuase I was one of those people. You'll have a hard time getting people to believe all that though, which is sad.

I hope you're having a better time now Peter. :)

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