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Hot women are repulsed by pretty boys

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Hot women are repulsed by pretty boys

Post by theprimebait » April 24th, 2013, 6:50 pm

I didnt upload the pics,thus the big spaces in between paragraphs,go to the link for the pics and links: ... -hate.html

every beauty needs a beast:do hotties hate pretty boys?

this article is very informative to understanding human attraction ,inspite of the misinformation out there.

(2 Important notations:in this article I define ''bomb'' by women with a feminine waiste to hip ratio,fertile breasts and long hair and a Butt.I did not take account the faces of women since DOM Masculine men dont care much for face but for signs of fertility in women.
I also included pictures of men and women from every race,Since top attractiveness is universal and unlike the media protrayal it is not just limited to or defined by european nordic women or nordic european features and definately not supermodels,so it may have added to the length of the article.I wanted to give an Idea of the Ideal in every race/Nationality etc)

The Differences between pretty and DOM Masculine are great.both types of men are Attractive,but to many people's surprise,As I will demonstrate in this post,it is better to be average looking and DOM Masculine then pretty and feminine.
hot women want to feel dominated like the helpless submissive people they are.according to actual studies,they dream of being raped by tall,masculine men.( :Heres the proof for that.

the greatest imaginable pleasure to a bomb is being spanked by a DOM man.

what is a DOM man?

the DOM and STM,excites raw sexual attraction in high estrogen females.while the latter LTM,AVM and AND ,is beautifull,but in the same manner as a nice painting or a bouqet of flowers.the hottest females are not interested or attracted to pretty or beautifull men.pretty men at most date ugly or average looking plain janes.


well heres some visual proof:

at most what this pretty boy could get was this.

while she is not ugly,she is no stunner even with her makeup.slightly average at best.she probably is seeing masculine guys on the side aswell.Lachowski like most pretty boys,has a short shelf life.he has a big acne problem and his eyes and skin are starting to age

she isnt ugly,but also not pretty,and even if she were pretty she isnt bomb.pretty women arent special,theres literally 100s of millions of them,and 100s of them you will see on the street any given day.If we assume only 5 % of all women are pretty,thats around 400 million women on earth that are pretty/ real life around 20 % of women are hot,so that would mean about the population of america and Russia together are all beautifull women in the world.around 800 million.

so even if pretty boys could land beautifull women,its hardly a accomplishment.

you see in real life only the Masculine beasts lay the legitamately hottest women(bombs).you know the women that make you go a little crazy inside upon first sight.the kind that would make you kill an entire village just to feel their smooth skin.
these you only see once in a lifetime.

Adriana lima:

israeli beauty neta alchamister:

like most bomb Israeli girls,she dates a tough Mizrahi thug.not a weak pretty boy.

she even named her recent son with orlando bloom after her first boyfriend,even though they are long seperated.

when your wife has had masculine man,she will always remember him and god help you if they accidentely run into each other!

Look how Submissive and tender these girls are in the presence of a masculine hunk(!),I bet they are stuck up bitches to pretty boys.

pretty boy gets hot girl?think again!

so like always the pretty boy got cheated on by a masculine guy.the guy isnt even that attractive,hes just more masculine then rob,and look what happened!

so the lesson is ,look like this:

to get these

having This is the goal of life,and only DOM has access to such rare time you see a pretty boy,stop admiring him and feel sorry for him.its better to be ugly and DOM then beautifull like a painting and not DOM.

masculine DOM wins all and every time.its simple biology.

the only females that like pretty boys are teenage girls from age 13 until 15 and ugly women that lack femininity.

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Post by ssjparris » April 29th, 2013, 1:02 am

dude.... these guys are sick. all american women are sick if they want to be raped. or even spanked. although its arousing to all women of the world to be spanked by her man. it isn't a big fantasy to all women but american sick gals.

its an interesting article. but women in italy. Even beautiful women will date their super model italian guy. most italians look like models.

for example check out the best soccer player to date.

his name is Cristiano Ronaldo from portugal. yet he gets super model women...and he looks like a model himself....

these are all the women he has dated == > ... nds/page/2

here he is with one of them


also dont forget that in the ukraine, east europe, and russia. average looking guys can get super model women. i have seen it myself.

here is mark edward davis with his super model woman Anna:


thanks for sharing the article. but this writer only talks about the american woman perspective of attraction. AW perception of attraction is really f***ed up. i.e. love thugs, killers, rapists, guys that get into fights, assholes, dont like nice guys. quite sad.

by the way i am not a super model. but i do get alot of attention from women in public. i am a handsome black man after all. ..hahaha.

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