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Cheating: The Funny Thing About It

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Cheating: The Funny Thing About It

Post by DanielleNguyen » October 11th, 2013, 10:27 pm

Have I ever been cheated on heck yes. Did I blow up about it heck no. I have noticed though most American women will try to hurt the other woman. it has the whole eliminate my rival vibe. That tends to be the American girl way. Have I ever had to step into the middle and stop a fight yes I have.


Everyone in life has had that back biting friend right. In high school I had been on my first date. It was to the Library. My best friend, Sammantha went on and on about how lucky I was. After a week and a half she came into my psychology class and told me how she slept with my boyfriend in detail. She then apologized and I smiled and said you can have him. A couple months later Sammantha was pregnant. Here's the interesting part, another girl slept with Aaron and was ready to beat Sammantha. She had her down in the school hallway and there was a big crowed surrounding her. I had to jump in to rescue Sammantha. I didn't want that baby getting hurt. The result 3 days suspended from school.

This is a extremely odd one. I had been dating Keimei for 5 months. He was Japanese and was working in a restaurant near where I had lived. Keimei and I never had a sexual relationship. I wasn't doing that til I got a ring. lol. Anyway, one day Keimei had almost talked me into it. I was sitting on his bed when he told me he would marry me and to trust him. I was shy and opened the window and let the rain hit my hand. There was no screen to the window. When I had decided to myself to submit there was a voice from downstairs, "Keimei I am back did you miss me?" I was sitting there in shock when a young female walked in. She looked at Keimei and seeing I was dressed she asked "Who is this, are you cheating on me again?" Keimei responded by telling her I was a friend. She of course didn't believe that and i told her I was his gf for the past 5 months. She was super scary and when she lunged at me i jumped out the freaking window ninja style! I ended up twisting my ankle and running home like forrest gump.

Anyway in america cheating usually ends up in some sort of violence against the woman who most likely didn't know about you. Have any American women ever thought of a nicer way to deal with cheating. If my husband cheated on me, i would simply not sleep with him, ask him to be tested for stds and try to cope with it. i don't believe in divorce. However in America it seems more and more women file for divorce just because they think the husband is cheating.
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