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How Do Marriages to SWPL women work out?

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How Do Marriages to SWPL women work out?

Postby fightforlove » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:07 pm

There are lots of these SWPL kinds of women around urban areas in the United States. When trying online dating, I've been mostly matched up with these types, including non-white ones. College-educated, often with a post-grad degree, a bit cultured, and often stylish and attractive; these girls seem like they'd be good options and are technically my equal (I have an engineering degree and job, am well-traveled, etc, etc). Plus, there is a statistical over-abundance of these girls and several articles have been written about their struggles with finding college-educated males whom they view as their equals.

However, I find these girls also tend to be a bit picky and very preoccupied with status (career, education, income, etc). They ask me questions like "what college did you go to?" or "what type of degree did you need to do the work that you do?" Some of them (not all) also come across as competitive or demanding egalitarian/interchangeable gender roles. This, along with the insincere life-style-ism of this crowd, are antithetical to who I am.

Many of these girls go on dateless since there literally aren't enough men to go around who meet their standard, yet some of them do marry off (usually pretty late). I wonder, what are the success rates of these types of marriages? How do these guys fare with these careerist, late-20s and 30s urban women in a gender-neutral household? I have my doubts about marrying a 30-something career woman, especially if she has an extensive sexual history. Is there any data on marriage/divorce rates of this demographic?
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