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I found a scammer on DIA, what should I do?

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I found a scammer on DIA, what should I do?

Postby bigdrov1x » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:42 pm

I have been conversating with a girl on DIA. I have 99% proof that she is a scammer. I am ashamed to admit that I did infact send her 50$, which was supposedly so she could have money to spend on us chatting in the internet cafe. Well I waste 50$ on a bad date here, so the money doesnt hurt me. I took a leap of faith and got burned, lesson learned. Anyways this person who was scamming me has a Facebook page up where her pictures are visible for the world to see. I mean absolutely no concern to someone cross checking this stuff. And what she tells me, does not wash with whatever she is posting on the FB. It also says she is engaged to some frog looking dude from over there. I have not let on that I know that she is scamming me. I just play along with the game so to speak because I did not know what to do. I hate a scammer! In my mind it is worse than being a whore. At least the whore is honest to a degree. Anyways, Should we start a scammer page so that members can cross check to see if pictures match up. I think these people just start a new profile over and over. My girls join date on dia was within 2 weeks, so I thought that had some sort of safety in that...stupid me. I just want to spread the word for other guys. I do not want to tell her how she was busted so that she tightens her game up. I am also trying to get some nude pics just to have, we will see how far that can go. I am also a little suspicious that it may even be her fiancee pimping her out on the online forums as well, and that the girl may not know what is going on at all. I do not trust a filipino guy to tell me the correct time of day. Anyways, she sent me some really bad photoshopped pics of her face on a bikini model body. They are really bad!! So suggestions on what to do? Her DIA is Charcel213, and her FB is Charcell Denn. If you wanna check it out feel free, maybe we can collectively get her/him banned from the site? Any suggestions are appreciated..thanks!!
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