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Why Some American men have problems with American Women

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Why Some American men have problems with American Women

Post by DanielleNguyen » July 17th, 2014, 3:09 pm

I have seen lots of couples fall through or have vast problems in their relationships. I have also met lots of cheating women. A few were friends. The truth is the quality of love has took a nose dive in America. And most men don't know why.

First let's start with cheating. I've met lots of men who got cheated on and there is no punishment for the woman. He will let it slide because he is scared to lose his woman. Sorry men, but if that is your attitude you will be chested on again and again. I know for certain if I ever in my life cheated on my husband it would be raining fire and brimstone in my house. I would be facing the devil himself. I am not saying he will beat me. Please don't think it's that. Have you ever seen a angry asian man? It's like those brown eyes are burrowing into the depths of your soul. I can forget to do something and just the look he gives makes me feel like a puppy in trouble for peeing on the carpet.

Second, I've seen lots of women go and blow money on whatever they want thus making it hard to pay bills. In the beginning I would get trinkets and lots of stuff for our baby. My husband spoke up and told me how he felt. Now before I buy anything and same with him we have a discussion on it weighing our finances. Men don't just hand over your wallets speak up. You will be happier in the long run and if she doesn't like it tough cookies.

Next, physical fighting.... You wouldn't think this would be a problem but I have seen women publicly hit their husbands. One lady, hope she never reads this, slit his tires.. (which since she was married to him made financial problems for them both. Tires are expensive.) Men never hit back. Most just sit there and take it. Speak up, don't let her sit there and beat you to death. Honestly, grab her hands, restrain her and tell her enough. Be more dominant than your lady. My husband is the dominant one in our household and I honestly like it that way. I feel more secure and safer. He has kept me from doing many stupid things.... like picking up hitchhikers.

Next, there are couples who argue over which side of the bed to sleep on. Most people want the side closest to the door. I've heard women say if you don't like it sleep on the couch. Well ladies, if your reading, let the man sleep on the side closest to the door. That's where my husband sleeps. Think of it this way, if I burglar busted in at night and came in the room, well too bad you made your husband sleep next to the wall, your closer to the door where he entered, you fight him. Now see, your demise could have been prevented if you let him sleep on the side he wanted.

Next, choices.... men, don't give your lady a choice option. I've heard honey you want to go shipping or do you want me to do it? You'll hear from her you do it. My husband just tells me. Example... hey I'll be here at 12 to pick you up for ....blah..blah....blah. Have the kids ready. If you take our the choice option you two could end up spending more time together.

Next, appearances, I have seen many wives with hair a mess in sweatpants or skanky dress attire when going to a event with husband's Co workers. If it doesn't look good on her tell her. If it embarrasses you tell her. Refuse to take her. I have had to go to events for my husband's career and even pregnant while dressing a hyper toddler, I manage to look nice. I style my hair in my husband's favorite style. Wear light natural looking makeup, and light perfume. Ladies you should want to turn heads, for other men to look at you and be like God he's lucky. However if you dress skanky your saying hey I'm available, and if you wear a shirt with bbq stains and your hair a rats nest you say I don't care about my husband or how he appears to peers. You reflect him. Look feminine.

Kids, I have seen arguments over children get nasty really fast. And most women may hate what I'm about to say, the kids are your job..not your man's. I mean asking him to change a diaper here or there for the most part isn't bad or hey Hon can you put him in bed. Those aren't bad, but I have seen women make the men do everything. And if he doesn't the child gets neglected. Since the dawn of time mothers have been the icon of nurturing. Yeah, it's hard work, but it's more rewarding.

There are days my husband comes home and I'm tired, bloody tired. He helps me with things but by the end of the day I'm thankful for that. Because I know he was more tired than me, but he helped anyways. Men tell your woman in detail what you do all day and ask her the same. My husband and I had this discussion and came to appreciate each other more in the long run. Sexuality, I've noticed some ladies have a unnatural libido in America. Since becoming pregnant I know I do. I can admit it. However, sometimes you don't want it. That's ok. Just snuggle your woman. Snuggles and cuddles work wonders. It's intimate in its own way. Plus, it can help keep her from cheating.

Next is a big one LIES. I admit there were times I lied to my husband but he caught me everytime. And they weren't big lies, they were little stupid ones, like yes I washed your clothes with tide, when I really used gain. He caught me on that I mean how the hell. However, I see too many men let them get away with it. Don't let her get away with it men. If you speak up she will remember it in the future.

In conclusion, American men speak up, be more dominant, and maybe you'll have a happy life. Maybe, as in IF she decides to change. If she doesn't pack your bags.

Men just speak up and be more dominant. She may respect you more in the long run. I tried to edit this, but I'm using a phone. So sorry if it's hard to read.
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Post by Winston » July 17th, 2014, 8:24 pm

No one is going to read your posts if you don't divide them into paragraphs. Please click the Edit button in your post and divide your post into paragraphs. Come on now. Can even you read your own post above?
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Post by DanielleNguyen » July 17th, 2014, 8:42 pm

No I'm honestly writing from my phone. Mt laptop was ruined by a toddler. I would fix it if I could but my cell phone won't let me.

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Post by JTL » July 17th, 2014, 9:57 pm

DanielleNguyen wrote:No I'm honestly writing from my phone. Mt laptop was ruined by a toddler. I would fix it if I could but my cell phone won't let me.
You should see if an Admin like Winston will do it for you. I'd like to read what you've wrote but it's way too hard the way it is.

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Post by Tezcatlipoca » July 19th, 2014, 10:06 am

Thanks for the advice. Personally I find these games people play so draining.
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Re: Why Some American men have problems with American Women

Post by Cornfed » July 19th, 2014, 10:16 am

DanielleNguyen wrote:Next, there are couples who argue over which side of the bed to sleep on.
In most traditions the man should sleep on the right hand side to leave his sword/gun arm free.

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Post by Hero » July 19th, 2014, 11:35 am

Danielle, I think the reason that most American men act like wimps in a relationship is that they can face serious legal consequences if they do anything that displeases their wives. For example, if a man won't let his wife spend money like money grows on trees, she can just divorce him and have the courts force him to hand over all of his money.

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Post by Yohan » July 19th, 2014, 2:51 pm

Thanks to Danielle for her very reasonable thread.

I see 3 groups.

1 -
As Hero said already, many men from USA and similar feminist countries which are overprotective to women's demands are worried, they do not say anything anymore - they do not talk back to their wives, they do not discipline their daughters, just let them do whatever they want.

These men are very much worried about legal consequences. These men are risk-averse and overcautious. They are also worried about false violence accusations.

2 -
The other side of the story is about men, who simply said do not care at all, men who are violent thugs, men who are accustomed to be in and out of jail.

They find plenty of women who want to live with them, despite being abused. Do not ask me what women find so attractive about thugs.

3 -
Left over are men, like I myself. - I do not want to be a pussified idiot serving women with nothing in return - but I am not a thug either.

Result: Just alone, never made it to a girlfriend even for 30 minutes and the only solution for me was to move on - happier abroad, in my case in Asia.

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