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Why I believe so many marriages Fail in the USA

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Why I believe so many marriages Fail in the USA

Post by DanielleNguyen » October 2nd, 2014, 1:48 pm

1.) Both spouses have careers. It is ok for some people. I will admit that but no one seems to do the breadwinner/home maker style anymore. With both partners working (usually never the same schedule) it makes less time for communication.

2.) Both have bank accounts. Usually the woman has her own bank account and so does the man. Both spend their money on whatever not really communicating and during arguements it's easier to walk out and get a hotel when there is access to lots of money.

3.) Babies are accessories. That's right I just said that. I have seen grown women do it too. Oh, Meagan is pregnant and getting so much attention. I want that too. I can get booties, this, that, and omg I can have a shower and then surprise my fb with the news. It's not talked over between partners anymore.

4.) Everything is made public whether truth or not. Get in a argument with your husband tell everyone about it. I've seen women do this and even had women come cry to me. Airing your dirty laundry makes your spouse look bad. And almost always something will be said to him by someone.

5.) Infidelity- You two work different shifts, you argue, tell all your friends and suddenly a too eager guy pops out. You haven't felt close to your spouse and suddenly boom infidelity happens.

6.) Stay at home moms aren't stay at home moms. I've seen moms who let their 5 year Olds stay out til 1am. No one spends time with their child anymore. More moms see then as a Hassel in America.

1.) If both have careers, try to match up your schedules so you arrive home at the same time. A marriage won't work if you only spend a hour together tops.

2.) One bank account and plan out bills and purchases for the month together.

3.) Babies is a serious matter. You may be ready but he may not be. Wait until you both are ready and financially stable.

4.) Keep the crap that happens behind doors behind doors. It's your spouse don't drag his name through the mud. Talk it out with him instead of running to someone else.

5.) Never cheat. If tempted remember your children, remember the man you love. Think before you do literally. Is it worth throwing away your marriage.

6.) Stay at home moms cherish your kids. Your husband wants to come ho me to happy children. My husband always smiles when he comes home and sees me reading to our toddler or playing games with him. Trust me it will make him happy. Remember your building the foundation for your child's future.

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Post by newjazz » October 2nd, 2014, 3:29 pm

Thanks! Really sounds like sound advice!......

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