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Winston's seduction process. What do you think?

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Winston's seduction process. What do you think?

Postby Winston » December 9th, 2014, 6:31 pm

Here is an outline of my standard seduction process. What do you think? Do you all do the same? How would you tweak this to work better?

1. Make her laugh. Tease her. Say some sweet romantic things to melt her heart. Make it creative and original.
2. Find what you have in common with her and build a connection on that. If you really do have a lot in common then this will be easy.
3. Try to hold her hand and make her get used to it. Put your arm around her when you sit together.
4. Go somewhere romantic with a nice view or atmosphere or ambiance. Then get close to her and try to kiss her on the cheek. Then work your way toward her lips.
5. Take her someplace where you can slowdance with her so you can bond through touching. (This will be much easier in Russia or Europe because they have dancing even in small cafes) If you are a good dancer then take her to a club where you will shine. Otherwise take her to a karaoke bar.
6. If she drinks then give her some alcohol but most girls I know don't like to drink.
7. Kiss her by starting on the hand, then cheek, then work your way toward her lips. Do it in small increments so she will reciprocate, progressing with each step.
8. When things get warm then suggest going to your place or hers or somewhere with privacy. Then get intimate and try to go all the way if possible.
9. Sometimes she will not go all the way but will say that's enough and draw the line. If so then repeat the above steps until she puts out.

That's the standard seduction process. It works well in Philippines, Russia, Latin America, and maybe eastern Europe. A feminine woman who likes you will respond to this process and allow it to escalate.

But it doesn't seem to work in Taiwan or America. Taiwanese girls don't allow the above steps to escalate. They BLOCK the process completely. They aren't open to seduction at all and are a total cold fish and extremely prudish and frigid.

So how the F are you supposed to get intimate with them?! It's a huge mystery to me with no logical solution.

Also they are very cold and closed and 100 practical as well, so they don't even truly believe in love and seem to have no feelings. Without passion, there's no way to build chemistry or get warmer. No logical or direct way that is. You can't really connect with an empty shell with no romantic soul or inner life. You know what I mean?

Anyway, what do you all think? Any comments?
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Re: Winston's seduction process. What do you think?

Postby MarcosZeitola » December 9th, 2014, 8:17 pm

Winston wrote:Anyway, what do you all think? Any comments?

Sounds like your a regular Don Juan, man! My only question: when did you book your next flight? :wink:
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Re: Winston's seduction process. What do you think?

Postby Rock » December 9th, 2014, 9:42 pm

There's many ways to skin a cat. What works for one person may or may not work for another. Also, tailoring your approach to a specific type may be more effective but you have to accumulate people reading skills.

When I was active in Taiwan, perhaps my most common approach was to get contact details including a phone number and then work the girl by talk and chat. I try to get all kinds of info from her during our conversations, stuff about her personal life, motivations, zodiac stuff etc. As I got to know her (assuming she opened up to me and was willing to spend time talking), I would start seducing her on the phone if she gave me the right signals. At some stage, the girl can actually start having feelings for you before even meeting you for a real date since she's already seen you in person, albeit briefly. That's what seemed to work for me cus it fit in well with my personal skill set - like to talk, seductive voice, patient, etc. I'm the telephone man lol.

Monkro has a classmate (from some Eastern European country I think) who is very good at meeting and attracting girls using mostly body language including his dance skills. He's not much of a talker at all. At least that's what Monkro told me and that's in the USA. There are some guys who do pretty decently in America in spite of not being better than average looking.

The good thing about Filipinas in general I think is that they often respond to kindness and sweetness. I've seen and heard many indications that a lot of Filipinos are really quite sweet to the girls in the chasing/courting stage and they can really capture hearts lol.

Taiwanese women are generally more difficult and take more effort assuming they have a decent impression of you at the start and are open to knowing you. If they don't and are not, then it's virtually impossible. And they have become more difficult than they used to be if Monkro's recent experiences are representative of more general situation (they may or may not be).

I think Mainland Chinese women tend to be a lot more pragmatic and calculating then garden variety Taiwanese. Sure there are many exceptions to that in such a large and diverse country like China. But if a young pretty girl with no children gets involved with a middle aged Taiwanese American, she's probably gonna be thinking (or her circle is going to be asking her if she tells them about you) what is she gonna get from this. They actually would think its sha (stupid) to fall in love with a guy like that if its not going to provide some tangible practical benefit in return. This seems to be the way so many mainlanders think from what I've seen. Sure the Taiwanese may exaggerate the bad side of China and act like there are absolutely no exceptions to this (they are wrong about that). But people there are still generally very practical in their thinking and they really calculate a lot.
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