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Western MEN no longer relationship material?

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Western MEN no longer relationship material?

Postby Cornfed » May 31st, 2015, 3:27 am

It is clear that essentially all Western females are worthless sluts not suitable for relationships, but might it not be true that after such a long time encountering only worthless sluts, Western men are no longer any good either? I thought of this when encountering a sort of ex-girlfriend the other day. I said "What have you done to your hair, you stupid bitch?". She replied that I would never have paid for her to get a fashionable hair-do, and I conceded that this was true.

This got me thinking. It would in fact never have occurred to me to suggest a hair style and pay for it, but this is precisely the sort of thing that a loving husband or bf would do. I also would do a number of other things if I wanted a real relationship. For example, I would forbid her to hang around with dirtbags without me being there, but in return I would have to take her places. I would structure most of her time, and given that I work full time, most of my unstructured time (and money) would be taken up by her. Given that I would be expected to take the dominant role in the relationship, it would be hard to not cross the line between being a loving bf on the one hand and an abusive jerk on the other unless I had been inducted into the role of husband/bf from a young age, which of course I haven't been. The thing is, I just don't have the mindset for this. It is alien territory.

Now, it would never have worked out with this particular female given her age, history etc. but I wonder if I would be up to the task with a suitable partner. I'm thinking possibly not. I'm wondering if other men are in the same position.
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Re: Western MEN no longer relationship material?

Postby fschmidt » May 31st, 2015, 4:13 am

This dilemma only exists in the context of modern culture where every social interaction is a threat. I encourage my wife to socialize without me in any reasonable culture. This includes Mexicans who don't speak English and Orthodox Christians. I think that as long as a couple can avoid mainstream modern culture, the relationship can work in a reasonable way.
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Re: Western MEN no longer relationship material?

Postby Yohan » May 31st, 2015, 6:04 am

Cornfed would never have worked out with this particular female given her age, history etc. but I wonder if I would be up to the task with a suitable partner. I'm thinking possibly not. I'm wondering if other men are in the same position.

For sure this will not work out with any female from USA, but here in many countries in Asia I am confident you will find females like that, who will not create problems for you.

The main mistake Western men are doing (especially those from USA) that they want to bring this woman back to USA, or feel sorry for her present way of life, bragging that all is much better in USA, even interfering in local culture - there are US-men known who are claiming that only Christianity is good and Buddhism is bad for example. Other do-gooders, especially those from Europe, are questioning parents rights. Asian parents are not known to let their children out of control.

If a Western man is teaching an Asian woman such BS and brings her back to USA or UK, the next is likely divorce and his house is gone...
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Re: Western MEN no longer relationship material?

Postby MrMan » May 31st, 2015, 10:27 am

I disagree with the premise that there are essentially no western women who are decent wife material. I think there is a small percent, but large number who are. I also think that western women have a similar problem. Few western men are decent husband material.

Consider this forum. There are posters who want to go to prostitutes, who write how important it is for a society to legalize prostitution. If you were a decent-wife-material wife, would you really want a man who either went to prostitutes and potentially picked up STDs in the past, or who would if you were in a car wreck for a while and unable to perform sexually?

And consider how so many men have bought into feminism and don't take the lead as men in relationships. And consider how many men are baby daddies, and how few men would try to make it a priority after the wife has a baby to take on the responsibility of supporting the whole family while she stays home with the baby? Then there is the whole issue of finding a man who is actually just looking for a wife, as opposed to looking for a temporary sex partner or someone who's fertile-egg, spouse-searching years he can waste just to have someone to hang around with.

And a lot of guys drink too much, do drugs, have paid to have graffiti tattooed on their skin.
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