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Why Russian wife or girlfriend?

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Why Russian wife or girlfriend?

Post by realrussianbride » March 15th, 2016, 1:59 pm

Why Russian wife or girlfriend?

Every man dreams about beautiful wife or girlfriend. Many of us also dream about wise, devoted and household skilled mate. But life is, to some extent, market. There is a shortage of Mercedeses as well as there is shortage of beautiful girls for everybody.

It is hard for ordinary man, living in western country that is not a millionaire and is not a handsome one, to find a girl of his dream in his own country.

So the only way that is left – to find girlfriend or wife in another place, in the place there are lot of beautiful women and there is a shortage of adequate men ( in these women opinion).

In such case Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are the ideal countries for such a quest and these are the reasons why:

1.There are a lot of beautiful women here. We can see the proof of this beauty in the form of huge amount of gorgeous models, athletes, wives of famous persons and just tourists from the countries of former USSR.

Historically it happened that civilization (in the form of MacDonald’s, frozen food and feminism) reached Russia much later then it got to the western countries. This is the reason why Russian (Ukrainian and Belarusian) women are thinner, better dressed and less moody then western ladies.


Russian ladies less demanding from men then their western counterparts. OK, they also dream to find their fairy prince, female nature is equal everywhere. But ordinary mad woman’s dreams in their case got more realistic form. This is the reason why you can live more simply and quietly with Russian woman.

3.Because of her nature woman instinctively takes care of her nest. Financial stability is very important for her despite our like or dislike. This is why in our male struggle for female attention very often financial factors prevail. And this situation is beneficial for western men that have financial advantage over Russian men. It is easier for us to attract Russian woman attention then to attract similar age, look and character woman from our country. We’ve got competitive advantage.

Quality of life
4.The quality of life in western countries is higher then in countries of former USSR. Russian ladies know it from friend’s stories, films, TV, newspapers, internet and from their own experience (visiting of western countries).

When I say “quality of life” I mean not only money but also stability, cleanness, order, the lack of corruption, medicine and other aspects of life in developed, socially secured society. Again, it is easier for us to attract Russian woman attention because we are ticket to the plane to comfortable and stable life.

Attitude from men
5.Generally, attitude from men toward women in Russia (Ukraine, Belarus) is worse then in western countries. I am not talking about compliments and treating the woman. Russian men definitely know how to do it and do it sometimes better then we. I am talking about serious things as active role in family life, financial support, the help with kids, alimony.

All written above means that we have to stress ourselves lesser in order to make our beloved woman happy.

Finely it is easier to build The relationships with Russian girl.

the more information about this topic is here:

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